Underwater technical works

How to find two Apple iPhone 13 Pro mobile phones, worth 3000Euro, underwater

Divers, Search and Recovery team, Daivings.lv diving team performs search and excavation work on the Misa River at Price and recovers two Apple iPhone 13 Pro, 3000 Euro in total value. The diver successfully finds two sunken mobile phones that sank when the current brought a holiday boat into the tree branches of the Misa River. 🤿😀✌️

Search and Recovery team, Daivings.lv divers team is on a mission to search the river Misa. A diver searches for phones and finds them, although the visible distance with an underwater light is ~ 0.25 meters, the water temperature is 12C degrees. Graduates of the diving club also searched for diving courses. As observed, part of the scuba diving club "Daivings.lv" PADI course graduates, also become successful divers in underwater search jobs!

Any diver who has finished PADI Rescue diver and Search and Recovery dive course, you can apply and try your hand at search! Divers Richard Rosenbach, Inguna Viluma and instructor Valters Preimanis took part in the search.

Thank you for the successful completion of the mission!
Search and Recovery team, Daivings.lv divers team

Apply for search and highlighting by calling 220-77-202. 🤿😀✌️