Divers carry out cleaning work in municipal and private swimming pools

We perform swimming pool cleaning work quickly and conscientiously We perform underwater cleaning and cleaning work thoroughly, conscientiously, and with a great sense of responsibility. Apply for bathing cleaning works by phone 220-77-202. Apply for underwater work using the form here. The pictures show how the best divers of the company are Walter, […]

How does the volume of the human lungs change at different water depths?

Plaušas ūdenslīdējam un efekts uz tām Niršanas teorijā māca, ka ūdenslīdējs elpojot saspiestu gaisu zemūdens vidē aizpilda plaušas un gaisa tilpums pacelšanas brīdī palielinās vairāk kā plaušas var noturēt, jo samazinās apkārtējais spiediens. Plaušu barotrauma par laimi nenotiek bieži, bet […]

PADI Adaptive Support Diver

PADI Adaptive Support Diver

Ja tev ir paziņa vai draugs, kurš pārvietojas riteņkrēslā, ir ar kustību traucējumiem, atgūstas pēc insulta vai ir ar izteikti neskaidru redzi, tad tas nav šķērslis, lai iemācītos nirt ar akvalangu, pieredzēt bezsvara lidojumu zemūdens pasaulē, un pat kļūt par […]

How long is one diving lesson?

Valters Preimanis, instructor of the diving club "Diving", answers the question - How long is one diving lesson? The duration of one lesson in the diving course "Open Water Diver" is 120-150 minutes. (2-2.5 hours). There are more than 26 skills in the Open Water Diver course in total, […]

Diving regulator maintenance

Underwater safety and regular maintenance of equipment

Authorized maintenance of diving equipment service is mandatory every year! When receiving a new diver's Open Water Diver certificate, a diver is often in a hurry to assemble their equipment. Usually a student seeks the advice of their instructor and bought new equipment that will serve the diver's entire life. Have got […]


Scuba diving training in Liepaja

Reserve your place for diving training in Liepaja, July / August, by calling the instructor t.220-77-202 OPEN WATER DIVER CERTIFICATE Have you been thinking about scuba diving for a long time to get to know the underwater world in Latvian waters, the Red Sea or elsewhere in the world? Great opportunity to start or continue what you started […]

Diving in Albania with a diving club

Diving in Albania, Tirana

Scuba diving in Albania is unforgettable, it is a great recreation underwater, which can be combined with the training of divers and the experience of scuba diving. Exploring the Mediterranean rocky coast and the beautiful underwater world, shipwreck diving. Preparation for young divers, Opportunity to learn many diver diving […]

Scuba diving makes divers feel good

Diving club card

Diver Club Card Description The Diver Club Card subscription gives a certified diver the opportunity to participate in events, dive together with the scuba diving club "Daivings.lv" all year round. Diving trips around Latvia and the Baltics are now more convenient, buy a "Diving Club Card" and dive with others […]