PADI diving courses

If you have no experience, then start with PADI Open Water Diver course, which is the foundation and knowledge base for all subsequent courses. We have been preparing, training and certifying divers for 20 years. We offer <30 different specializations in the training of divers and the issuance of international PADI underwater diving certificates. Internships for diving professionals Divemaster (GO-PRO - from beginner to PADI Divemaster). We organize diving trips, follow us!

Discover the underwater world

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Diving training

During the training, we will see local underwater exhibits in the Dolomite Quarry Reservoir in Sloka. We also jointly explore local diving sites in Latvia, as well as the wrecks of the Baltic Sea. After completing the training, we go on diving trips around the Baltics, visit Rummu submarine prison in Estonia, and Platela lake in Lithuania. During the holidays we go on joint trips to the Maltese archipelago (Gozo), France, Canary Islands, Norway, Maldives, Mexico, Egypt (Red Sea).

About PADI Diver Training

The PADI diving education system is the world's most popular diver training program. Three out of four divers choose the PADI diving certificate. For the past 50 years, PADI has secured its place as the world's leading authority in diver education. The PADI training program reflects the same level of commitment to excellence and continues the tradition of the highest level and highest quality training on the market.

Diving club DIVING instructors
PADI Elite Instructor Award Discover the underwater world with us!

Latvian diving instructor

Latvian diving instructor Valters Preimanis, who teaches diving at the club DIVING, awarded PADI Elite Instructor Award (2020 PADI Elite Instructor Award) for its contribution to the development of diving in 2020. Instructor Valters Preimanis has been awarded the PADI Elite Instructor Award for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Diving course prices

Equipment, air and the price of the certificate are included in the diving training fee.

PADI diving courses
The price
Introdaivs  60,- (Diving with a PADI MSDT instructor)
PADI Scuba Diver 250,- (The right to dive only with an instructor)
PADI Open Water Diver 380,-  (20h, 8x water lessons, Promotion - Come with friends -10.0%)
PADI Junior Open Water 400,- (From the age of 10)
Advanced Open Water Diver 280,- (5x lessons)
PADI Rescue Diver 290,-
Emergency First Response 170,-
Master Scuba Diver 250,-
PADI Specialty Diving
Price of diving specialty courses
PADI Search and Recovery 160,-
PADI Underwater Navigation 140,-
PADI Underwater Naturalist 140,-
PADI Night Diver 140,-
PADI Fish Identification 140,-
PADI Wreck Diver 175,-
PADI Enriched Air Diver 180,-
PADI Dry Suit Diver 180,-
PADI Bubblemaker 190,-
PADI Seal Team 180,-
PADI Deep Diver 40 m 180,-
PADI Underwater Photographer 265,-
Unique diving courses!
These courses can only be taken at the diving club "Divings", expand your competence and become more knowledgeable
PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle 265,-
PADI Underwater Videographer 265,-
PADI Sidemount Specialty 265,-
PADI Full Face Mask Specialty 265,-
PADI ICE DIVER Specialty 265,-
PADI Adaptive Support Diver 265-
PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialist Diver (PRO) 440,-
PADI PRO Courses
PADI professional course prices
PADI Divemaster 600,- (or DM Intership, combined with practice in a diving club)
PADI Instructor Assistant to ask
Freediving course
Price of free diving courses
PADI Basic Freediver Course (6 m) 200,- (with included PADI certificate and theory exam)
PADI Freediver Course (16 meters) 350, - (with PADI certificate and theory exam included)
PADI Advanced Freediver Course (24m) 550,- (with included PADI certificate and theory exam)
Technical Diving Courses
Price of technical diving courses
Intro to Tec Course 300,-
PADI Tec Course (TEC 40) 600,-
PADI Tec Course (TEC 45) 600,-
PADI Tec Course (TEC 50)6 600,-

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