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PADI MSDT instructor Valters Preimanis

PADI Elite Instructors The award in 2020 was presented to a Latvian instructor

scuba diving training for beginners

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Diving club

Scuba diving club DIVING has been operating since 2006 and prepares divers, trains diving beginners and issues international diver certificates for divers. The scuba diving club offers 30 different scuba diving courses in diver training, freediving and the issuance of international PADI scuba diving certificates. The diving club has independent practice places for future diving professionals Divemaster. The diving club organizes regular diving events and trips, follow us!

Dive with the club "DIVING" and help others to dive

We help low-income children and low-income young people! Apply for an acquaintance if he is on a low income, dreams of water, but cannot afford to dive. We will train one person once a month and show this person the underwater world for free!  Apply for a free diving lessoni for the needy!

Take part in creating a pool where you can learn diving for children and beginners

Diving club "Diving" in 2021 is committed to completing the pool for divers. Complete the training and 15% of your training price will be directed to the pool. The pool will be suitable for rehabilitation purposes. More on diving pool for kids and beginners read here.

Scuba diving courses

We are a 100% Latvian diving company, an experienced team of divers is ready to help everyone. Diving club DIVING offer scuba diving courses, beginners and experienced divers, apply for individual dry suit, full face mask or scuba diving courses! We are learning to dive in a dry suit training course. For people who want to breathe through their noses and talk underwater, or have a cold-sensitive face, a full-face mask training course will come in handy. New, scuba diving courses available in Latvia.

PADI diving instructor

Scuba diving club DIVING training is led by the International Association of Professional Diving Instructors PADI, scuba diving trainer, technical diving and free diving instructor Valters Preimanis with professional assistants. - Tel./WhatsApp 220-77-202


Scuba diving instructors and diving masters

Andris Osinieks

Roman Kackan

Toms Leinesars

Liene Muzikante


diving courses

We train the diver the necessary skills:
Underwater diving courses will teach you what is neutral buoyancy, diving theory and practice.
From beginner to diving instructor:
We offer training for divers and divers of various specializations and the issuance of international divers certificates.

Diving trips

Diving on sunken ships in the Baltics: Saaremaa, Klaipeda, Liepaja, Venspils, Pavilosta.
Recreational diving group trips to: Egypt, Norway, Iceland, France, Canary Islands, Maldives, Rum, Platela, Poland. We dive with seals, sharks and other exotic friends.

underwater works

Our clients are Latvian ports: Liepaja port, Ventspils port, Riga port, Salacgriva port, Skulte port, Roja port.
Latvian companies for which we have performed underwater works: Latvian Hydrographic Service, Latvian Maritime Administration, Latvian Veneer, Latvian National Library

Our contacts

We train: Babīte sports complex, Dolomite quarry reservoir.

Underwater training and certificates, underwater works

Instructor's phone tel. 220-77-202 (Walter)

The most popular diving places in Latvia

Diving shops

Order diving equipment by e-mail or WhatsApp

  • Order your diving equipment by writing to e-mail info (at), WhatsApp 22077202.
  • We recommend ordering from a PADI instructor or choosing an authorized center to receive quality diving equipment with a guarantee.
  • Diving equipment, including balloons, a regulator and a life jacket, requires annual maintenance.