Diving in the Daugava, in the territory of the Riga HPP

Throughput and flow rate measurement services

The divers of the "Daivings" diving club, in cooperation with the specialists of the Dronelab company, offer accurate and efficient calculations of flow and flow speed in watercourses - rivers and canals. The company's experienced specialists carry out detailed hydraulic measurements in rivers and streams using traditional methods, which include: Flow calculation: […]

Diving search services in yacht clubs on call

The divers' operational team offers fast and professional assistance to yacht clubs and ship owners on call. Our experienced divers are ready to respond urgently to any situation requiring diving and underwater search services. Our services: Why choose us: Contact the diving team: […]

The bed of the swimming pool is cleaned of drifts and glass fragments

Cleaning the bed of swimming pools is the basis for safety and comfort of visitors Cleaning the bed of swimming pools is an important measure that is carried out before the start of the swimming season. Its purpose is to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors to the swimming area. In preparation for the swimming season next year, the divers of SIA "Dronelab" performed weekly […]

Divers clean reservoirs of waste

Underwater scuba diving is not just a recreational activity; it is also a valuable means of preserving the underwater world. Divers can help protect our oceans and waterways by cleaning up pollution, eliminating invasive species, and monitoring the health of marine ecosystems. If you are passionate about the environment, consider getting involved in diving and underwater conservation.

Floods affect many Latvian rivers

Specialists of the Latvian company survey flood-affected areas with a drone

How do public specialists survey flood-affected areas in Latvia with a drone? SIA "Dronelab" is a Latvian company engaged in commercial diving, drone services and technology development. The company was founded in 2006, when two Latvian divers and a certified construction specialist started a mission, [...]

Communication equipment in underwater works

The use of divers' communication equipment in technical underwater work

I. Underwater technical work and mutual communication Divers are vital to underwater technical work, ensuring communication and safety underwater. In this context, the OTS Buddy Phone is an innovative communication device that improves communication between divers and surface team members through technical […]

Water lift (dredging machine)

Underwater works with a ground pump (Water lift, dredging equipment)

SIA Dronelab is a Latvian company that offers innovative solutions for underwater works. Their technical equipment is a water lift – a unique dredging machine that combines a powerful water pump and flow divider, field-proven underwater technologies and systems to ensure efficient and accurate […]