Wetsuit rental, get to know the joys of water!

Order online ->>> Wetsuit rental – Daivings.lv | t.220-77-202 <<<- Summer is here and that means it's time to enjoy all that water activities have to offer. Whether you are an avid swimmer, surfer, diver or just want to relax in the cool water, the wetsuit […]

Beach cleaning with divers: How the process works and what the benefits are

Clean waters and the sea are vital to the health of the earth, but they are threatened by pollution and waste. Beach cleaning by divers is an important activity that helps maintain the cleanliness of the marine environment and the health of recreational swimmers. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how [...]

Surveying the bed with the help of divers

Bed surveying with the help of divers is an effective method that allows obtaining detailed information about this environment, serving as an important source of information for various industries, including engineering, construction, hydrology and archaeology. We carry out underwater technical work regularly, surveying the bottom of the bed with a diver [...]

Schematic representation of bathymetry SIA Dronelab

Bathymetry measurements in the sea and lakes

Creation of depth maps of ports, lakes, quarries, rivers and lakes Dronelab Ltd. offers underwater surface mapping services for ports, lakes, quarries, rivers and other water bodies. Using modern equipment, drones and high-precision sonar sensors, we can create detailed 3D underwater […]

The diving brigade ensures clean and safe swimming places in Lielupe

Daivings.lv divers, in cooperation with SIA "Dronelab", offer professional underwater survey and cleaning services in Lielupe swimming areas, taking care of the safety and comfort of swimmers. Our team of experienced divers carry out regular cleaning of the swimming pool bed, providing: 5 important points in keeping swimming pools clean: Frequently asked questions [...]

Diving in the Daugava, in the territory of the Riga HPP

Throughput and flow rate measurement services

The divers of the "Daivings" diving club, in cooperation with the specialists of the Dronelab company, offer accurate and efficient calculations of flow and flow speed in watercourses - rivers and canals. The company's experienced specialists carry out detailed hydraulic measurements in rivers and streams using traditional methods, which include: Flow calculation: […]

Diving search services in yacht clubs on call

The divers' operational team offers fast and professional assistance to yacht clubs and ship owners on call. Our experienced divers are ready to respond urgently to any situation requiring diving and underwater search services. Our services: Why choose us: Contact the diving team: […]

The bed of the swimming pool is cleaned of drifts and glass fragments

Cleaning the bed of swimming pools is the basis for safety and comfort of visitors Cleaning the bed of swimming pools is an important measure that is carried out before the start of the swimming season. Its purpose is to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors to the swimming area. In preparation for the swimming season next year, the divers of SIA "Dronelab" performed weekly […]

Divers clean reservoirs of waste

Underwater scuba diving is not just a recreational activity; it is also a valuable means of preserving the underwater world. Divers can help protect our oceans and waterways by cleaning up pollution, eliminating invasive species, and monitoring the health of marine ecosystems. If you are passionate about the environment, consider getting involved in diving and underwater conservation.