Diving on sunken wrecks in the Baltic Sea

PADI Wreck Diver Baltic Sea RIB boat

The Baltic Sea is a body of water filled with history, and many sunken shipwrecks lie at its bottom. These wrecks range in age and size and offer a fascinating insight into the history of seafaring.

The wrecks of the Baltic Sea are home to a variety of sea creatures, including fish and plants. They are also a popular diving site and divers from different countries come here to explore these historic wrecks.

Diving offer for new and experienced divers

We invite adventure seekers and history lovers to an exciting dive on sunken wrecks in the Baltic Sea! This diving program is designed for advanced divers with an AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver) certification and offers a tour of historic shipwrecks lying on the seabed.

Diving from a RIB motorboat

  • RIB motorboats are fast and maneuverable, providing easy and quick access to dive sites.
  • RIB motorboats are equipped with everything necessary for the transport of diving equipment and the safety of divers.
  • The dive instructor will lead the dive from the RIB motor boat and provide all necessary support.

Technical details about diving in the Baltic Sea

  • Water temperature:
    • In summer: 18-20°C
    • In winter: 4°C
  • Visibility:
    • May be limited
    • Depends on the weather and water turbidity
  • Streams:
    • Can be strong
    • Exercise caution and plan your dive accordingly
  • Dive depth:
    • Wrecks are located at different depths, 5-40 meters
    • Dives should be planned according to the diver's experience and certification
  • Wreck diving in the Baltic Sea (all inclusive)

Diving in appropriate costumes to historical sites

  • Wetsuits:
    • Thickness: 5-7 mm
    • Depends on the water temperature and the diver's individual sensitivity to cold
    • Choose the appropriate size
  • Dry suits:
    • Provides complete isolation of the body from water
    • Ideal for diving in cold water
    • Training is required before diving

Diving to historical sites:

  • There are many historical shipwrecks at the bottom of the Baltic Sea
  • The wrecks are of various ages and sizes
  • Offers an insight into the history of seafaring
  • During diving you can see:
    • Wreck structures
    • Decks
    • Cabins
    • Sea creatures that inhabit wrecks

Safety when diving on historical sites

  • Wreck diving is more complicated than open water diving
  • Important:
    • Follow all safety rules
    • Follow the dive plan
    • Dive with an experienced diving instructor

If you are an experienced diver and want to experience exciting diving on sunken wrecks in the Baltic Sea, contact us!

We offer:

  • Accompanied by professional diving instructors
  • A safe and comfortable diving experience
  • An unusual and exciting underwater adventure

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  • Homepage: daivings.lv

Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore the secrets of the history of the Baltic Sea and experience exciting diving on sunken wrecks!