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Seasickness at sea: ginger products, not drinking coffee, or wristbands?

Seasickness is a condition that causes nausea, vomiting and dizziness while on a ship or other moving platform. This is caused by discomfort in the inner ear, which receives conflicting signals about body movement from vision and muscle sensations. The most effective remedies against seasickness No […]

The worst habits of scuba divers to avoid

This article on the different bad habits of scuba divers focuses on the 10 worst diving habits and the risks and dangers they cause. The Ten Habits review includes both an introduction, a summary, and a frequently asked questions and answers section. A summary of the important […]

What is scuba diving?

How long after diving can you not fly?

Diving is an exciting and inspiring activity that allows you to get to know the underwater world. However, after diving, it is important to observe a certain amount of time before taking off in a plane. In this article, we will look at why it is important to observe the no-fly time, how to calculate it, and answer the most common [...]

Is it recommended for women to swim or dive with their periods?

Is it recommended to swim and dive during menstruation?

The subject of swimming and diving during menstruation is often shrouded in various myths and misconceptions. Although half of the planet's population - women - experience menstruation, there is still a lot of silence and ignorance about this topic. Many people wonder about the safety, comfort […]

A diver recommends the Cressi Zeus diving mask

Scuba diving with contact lenses, can I wear lenses while diving?

One of the most frequent questions for a PADI diving instructor at the diving club "Divings" is "Can I wear lenses while diving?". The allure of the underwater world beckons adventurers, and for those with vision impairments, choosing between contact lenses and prescription masks becomes a major decision […]

Advice from diving expert Walter Preimans

What a diver should do while diving if he wants to urinate

This is the advice of diving instructor, diving expert Valters Preimans on the topic - "In the call of natural needs, or what is the correct urination technique for divers". With the sun high on the horizon and the warm sea with the captivating depths of the ocean, divers are invited to immerse themselves in the fascinating underwater world [...]

Ghost nets in the Daugava, a team of divers clears Latvian waters

Daugava with its rich history and importance for Latvia holds a special place in the hearts of its people. However, like many bodies of water around the world, the Daugava River faces environmental challenges, including pollution and waste. Fortunately, the diving club "Daivings" in Latvia is becoming active in order to create [...]

Diving instructor Valters Preimanis

A diver has a runny nose, can you dive with a runny nose?

If a diver has a runny nose, is it okay to dive with a runny nose? It is not recommended to dive with a runny nose, cold or other conditions that can block the air passages of the paranasal sinuses. If difficulty equalizing the pressure in the ears occurs during the descent of the dive, it is necessary to stop […]