Diving courses

Why use a special diving mask?

Normal swimming goggles should not be used for diving, because as a result of the external pressure, the swimming goggles are pressed more and more tightly to the person's face. Air molecules compress and a small vacuum begins to form, which results in mild discomfort felt in the eyes, or even severe pain and hemorrhages. The special diving mask also includes a nose that creates an air space whose pressure can be equalized. By simply breathing into it through the nose.

Since the density of air is lower than that of water, it is possible to clean glasses that have water in them even under water. By opening the mask slightly and blowing air out of the nose, the air bubbles blown through the nose push the water out of the mask.

How to avoid ear pressure when diving?

The pressure in the ears in the depth of the water arises from the fact that the air pressure in the body is lower than the pressure of the surrounding environment - the water pressure, and the water presses on the body from all sides. The thinnest interface between the body's air and water is the eardrum, which will also experience the greatest pressure, resulting in discomfort or even pain. In order to equalize the pressure, one of the methods is very simple - you have to blow air through the nose, which is pinched with your fingers.

Where to apply for diving in Latvia?

🤿😀 For advice or assistance, call a PADI Diver Instructor t. 220-77-202 (WhatsApp 220-77-202) for advice and scuba diving.