Underwater search

Underwater archaeology:

The team's divers are experienced underwater archaeologists who can search and explore historical sites and artifacts in water bodies. We work with museums and other scientific institutes to ensure that found objects are properly documented and preserved.

Underwater inspections and inspections:

The divers' brigade offers underwater inspection and inspection services, which include the assessment of the condition of bridges, piers, other hydraulic structures and shipwrecks. Our divers are trained to perform a detailed visual inspection and record observations with the help of photo and video equipment.

Search for lost items:

If you have lost a ring, phone, jewelry or other valuable items in the water, our experienced divers will help you find them. Using modern search equipment and technology, we will thoroughly explore the bottom of the water body and increase the chance of finding the missing person.

Searching with an underwater drone: an effective result

Using an experienced team and appropriate technology, high results can be achieved in various tasks.

Search with a metal detector:

A metal detector is an effective device for searching for metal objects underwater. It can be used for a variety of tasks. In search of lost values. In underwater archaeology.

Soil suction and screening using an underwater dredger:

An air lift pump is a simple but effective device for suction and screening of soil under water. It works by using air pressure to lift water and soil particles from the bottom of a body of water.