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Discover the wonder of diving with new Cressi equipment! Do you feel the call of water? The new diving season is here and the Underwater Diving Club Daivings offers an unbeatable opportunity to buy the best Cressi diving equipment with a 20% discount! Take a look and order by April 1 for […]

Providing assistance in case of hypothermia

Wetsuit repair

Wetsuits and drysuits are important equipment that protect divers from the cold and water pressure. However, like any other piece of equipment, wetsuits can break down and require repair.

Diving equipment service in Latvia

Scuba diving is an exciting activity that allows people to explore the wonders of the underwater world. However, proper maintenance of your diving equipment is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience. In Latvia, more and more diving enthusiasts and professionals recognize the importance of well-maintained diving equipment, […]

Aiper Scuba S1

Is the Aiper Scuba S1 a revolutionary wireless robotic pool cleaner?

This is a review of the Aiper Scuba S1 machine and a review of what is a new and revolutionary wireless robotic pool cleaner that we came across at CES 2024 in Las Vegas! Despite the name, the Aiper Scuba S1 has nothing to do with SCUBA, “Self-Contained Underwater […]

What is the fastest fastest and most powerful underwater scooter?

The world of underwater exploration, much to the delight of many amateur divers, just got more interesting with the introduction of Sublue Vapor, the most powerful and versatile mini underwater scooter, with a large display of AI potential. This technological and sophisticated device breaks the boundaries of underwater adventure, offering unparalleled speed, depth and […]

Cressi A1

Are there anti-sweat diving masks, the best examples in 2024

Yes, there are diving masks that do not sweat. These are commonly known as “airflow” masks. Flow masks have a separate channel that introduces fresh air into the mask lenses, preventing condensation. All these masks are specially designed and provide a wide field of vision. It is […]

Air filling service for divers up to 230BAR

Filling of diving balloons in Latvia Underwater diving club "Divings" specialists offer divers and divers in Latvia: Air filling service for divers up to 200 BAR or 230 BAR, >>> Technical parameters of diving balloons and compressed air The technical parameters of diving balloons and compressed air depend [...]

Diving equipment regulator technician

Diving equipment technician - specialist, diving regulator service

Underwater diving is a challenging, interesting and rewarding profession that requires a high level of skill and knowledge. One of the most important roles in recreational and commercial diving is that of a dive equipment specialist. These diving equipment technicians - professionals are responsible for the maintenance of diving equipment, including diving [...]