Communication equipment in underwater works

Professional inspection of the underwater part of the ship with SIA Dronelab divers

Inspection of the underwater part of the ship: SIA Dronelab udeslīdēji: offers a wide range of services related to the inspection of the underwater part of the ship. Our experienced specialist divers use the latest technology to ensure high quality results. Our range of services includes: SIA Dronelab advantages: If you have […]

Improvement services of water bodies

Improvement services of water bodies in Latvia

If you have a pond, lake or pool, it is important to maintain it so that it looks good and lasts a long time. A well-maintained water body can be both a beautiful decoration of the garden and also a practical center for water activities. Pond improvement works A pond can be both [...]

Diving in the Daugava, in the territory of the Riga HPP

Specialists of underwater work from the company "Dronelab" carry out work in Daugava, Riga HPP

The company "Dronelab" underwater works in Latvia with the application of high technology in Latvia, the company "Dronelab" is a company specializing in underwater works, offering innovative solutions for cleaning, beautification and repair of underwater structures in the territory of the Daugava and Riga Hydroelectric Stations (HPP). The company's activity is based not only on highly qualified […]

Creating a depth map for a lake and a river, the experience of Latvian specialists

The production of accurate depth maps of lakes and rivers with depth curves is very important for various applications such as navigation, hydrological modeling and environmental management. Bathymetry specialists of the company "Dronelab" in Latvia play an important role in the accurate mapping of the depth of these water bodies. In this article created by […]

Underwater search works

Monitoring of the seabed deposit over a period of several years

Monitoring of seabed sediments in the port of Riga: a comprehensive approach to data acquisition. The team of SIA "Dronelab" - divers, bathymetry specialists, underwater drone specialists, work managers and a team of specialists engaged in various underwater works, including monitoring of seabed sediments, contacts Valters Preimanis, tel. […]