Searching underwater

Have you lost a valuable item in the water? The divers of the diving club "DIVINGS" offer professional underwater search and rescue services. Diving club "DIVINGS" offers professional underwater search services in various situations: 1. Search for lost objects: 2. Underwater inspections and inspections: 3. Obtaining licenses for underwater […]

Divers carry out cleaning work in municipal and private swimming pools

The role of divers in cleaning municipal and private swimming pools "Dronelab" SIA, divers play an important role in ensuring clean and safe swimming places in both municipal and private swimming pools. Their work includes: 1. Underwater cleaning 2. Inspection of the infrastructure of the swimming pool: 3. Ensuring safety: The benefits of divers in the swimming pool […]

Divers find a lost gold wedding ring

Divers find a lost gold wedding ring in the water during the winter. Divers in the diving club come to rescue lost property, including gold wedding rings, but in winter it is much less common. Gold wedding ring sinks into the lake Diver finds lost marriage […]

Drowned Iphone or gold wedding ring, what to do?

Invites divers, professional scuba divers from the diving club "Diving". We help people recover lost property from the underwater environment, in summer or winter! WhatsApp 220-77-202. The hottest divers under water We call us often in the summer, hot weather calls people to the water and carefree […]

An underwater diver finds a lost wedding gold ring

Underwater club "Daivings" diver finds lost gold wedding ring underwater After an hour-long search underwater, diver finds lost gold ring to return to its owner Jānis lost the valuable family relic, the wedding ring, while relaxing with friends in Lake Ungura, Cēsis district. […]

Finding lost and drowned gold and jewelry with the help of a diver

Have you lost your jewels in the water? Don't lose hope! With the help of a diver, it is possible to find lost gold and jewelry even in deep water. How to search: Underwater search tips: Don't hesitate to contact a diver if you've lost your jewelry in the water. With professional help, you have […]

Underwater search services

Underwater search

Underwater search in water Have you lost a valuable item in water? Are there historical artifacts in your body of water that you want to find? Specialists in underwater search services can help! Contact us today to learn more about our underwater search services and receive a free […]