Hottest diving moments of the year

The hottest diving moments and events in 2022

– The flooded Vīgante stage of Pļaviņu HPP, which is located in the Daugava, under water, at a depth of 8-15 meters, has been opened
– Diving in Staburaga in Daugava
- Drift along the Lielupe stream
-Go to the Sea, diving on a sunken plane
– The 3-day diving camp in Liepāja has ended
– Laukezera diving festival, 2-day event has ended
– Diving in Cēsi quarry
– Familiar diving in Albania
– 2-week diving camp in Cyprus
– Rescued and re-tied shark model Anton, who had gone to look for Liga!

We help in underwater technical work, and we also help to recover sunken belongings

– 4 rescued in a motorboat in Daugava, together with Mārtiņas Anger
– The Riga Water Pipes, which stretch across the Daugava, were surveyed
– A 70-meter long ship was surveyed and a broken propeller was found
– Many iPhones and other property worth many thousands of EUR were rescued from the underwater environment
Huge thanks to the supporters of the club, divers- To Margarita Sommer, Mārtiņš Anger, Edmund Rosenvald and Richard Rosenbach!
Thank you to all diving training participants and event supporters, diving club card holders!
Valters Preimanis