Divers carry out search and excavation work on the Daugava and recover 4 scooters worth 6,200 Euro

Search works in the Daugava

Search works in the Daugava

Divers who have learned various search methods, such as "chuskas" and "spiral" search techniques, work in the Daugava river. They are divers certified by the diving company who have learned the trade in scuba diving courses “PADI Search and Recovery", carries out search and extraction works in Daugava, thoroughly searching the area and recovers 4 scooters worth 6200 Euros. The underwater search operation in Daugava was completed successfully, 4 electric scooters were recovered and returned to their owner companies, "Tool" and "Bolt". Search operations in Daugava took place on April 28 of this year.

Diving conditions in Daugava

  • Search works in Daugava took place in the month of April
  • Underwater submarines were located at a depth of 5-6 meters
  • The visible distance with the flashlight under water was ~0.5 meters
  • The water temperature is 11C degrees

After being pulled out, one electric scooter was even visible on the mobile phone, scooter ordering application. The scooter application informed that the drive is available for driving, immediately after pulling it out!

Graduates of the diving club also engaged in searching within the framework of diving courses

As observed, some of the PADI course graduates from the underwater diving club "Daivings.lv" become successful divers in underwater search work as well! Any diver who has completed PADI Rescue diver and Search and recovery diving course, you can apply and you can try your hand at search works, the technical part of the search! Divers Mārtiņš Angers and instructor Valters Preimanis took part in the search in Daugava. For the work done, thanks were received from the company's representatives for a successfully completed mission!

Underwater search works are taking place all over Latvia

Our clients are Latvian ports: Port of Liepāja, Port of Ventspils, Port of Riga, Port of Salacgrivas, Port of Skulte, Port of Rojas. Latvian companies for which we have carried out underwater works: Riga HPP, Latvian Hydrographic Service, Latvian Maritime Administration, Latvian Finieris, Latvian National Library and many others

Apply for the search and highlighting of swimming pools by phone at 220-77-202.