A diver finds ancient historical relics at the bottom of the sea

Diving enthusiasts often find ancient relics underwater

The passionate underwater diver Māris Mitriķis, while diving with the diving club "Divings" in Albania, found an army-type aluminum water frog on the bottom, which fell to the bottom, near the Italian ship "SS Probitas" 79 years ago, in 1943, during WW2. 🥳🤿

Diving on sunken wrecks in the Baltic and Ionian seas!

The dive took place in Albania, in sunny Saranda, with the aim of surveying, and performing “PADI Wreck diver” course exercises on the “SS Probitas”, a popular Italian cargo ship that sank in 1943.🥳🤿
The historical legacy was preserved, the soldier's blashke was left on the shipwreck, where, together with other ancient relics, it will delight many underwater divers. 🥳🤿
The water in the Baltic Sea is darker than in the Ionian Sea, however, the visible distance can reach 15 meters even in the Baltic Sea!

What is the SS Probitas shipwreck

An Italian cargo ship is in Saranda Bay, Albania. It was sunk by German bombers returning from an attack on the Balkans during World War II. The traces of the bombs are still visible on the sides of the ships! The ship is lying on its side in a sandy bed, at a maximum depth of 18 m, only 300 m from the shore. At the shallowest point, the vessel is only 3 m from the surface and is marked with a sign. The ship is approximately 115 m long. It is marked above the water by a cardinal, which signals danger. Visibility underwater is good at about 20m.
SS Probitas

How to find out about shipwreck diving trips?

You can follow the "Divings" club and apply for diving club trips on this page:

What is the diving club "Divings"?

Diving club "" is the first organization in the Baltic States that offers people with various physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to learn diving, which not only opens up opportunities for sports activities, but also works as an effective means of rehabilitation.

Contacts of divers: Valters Preimanis, instructor of diving club "Divings".


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