Diving in autumn and winter in Latvian waters

Divemaster Liene Muzikante was engaged in ice diving, photo Valters Preimanis

Diving season in Latvia

It is assumed that the scuba diving season in Latvian waters lasts from May to September and lasts for 5 months, the information is presented by the diving club of the scuba diving club, Diver Valters Preimanis. Scuba diving enthusiasts often close the active diving season with October, because they believe that scuba diving temperatures do not allow it. Next I will tell you how you can dive in cold weather below 10 degrees and what it takes to do it qualitatively all year round.

Winter benefits of diving

Winter diving also has great benefits because the plant particles that are in the water sink to the base of the body of water. And so in the lakes of Latvia from 2 meters of visibility in summer, we get 3-5 times better, 6-10 meters of visibility in winter.

It is possible to dive with scuba diving in autumn and winter in Latvian waters and extend the season to at least 8-10 months a year. It is possible to extend the scuba diving season for the whole year if we learn diving in the summer, gain experience, harden our body and learn new skills to use clothes suitable for diving in cold water, dry clothing. DrySuit.  

Scuba diving equipment for autumn and winter

Winter diving equipment applies to waters colder than 15 ° C, because a 5mm or 7mm neoprene wetsuit is useful in warmer weather. The 5-8mm neoprene hat and 5-7mm neoprene gloves are useful for the winter diving suit "DrySuit". Our diving club also has dry gloves, where the diver's hands stay dry and do not come into contact with water.

To dress in a waterproof diver's suit, DrySuit requires knowledge that can be gained through practice courses, learning the necessary diving suit Dry Suit Diver training course. People with a cold sensitive face will come in handy Full Face Mask Diver training course. Divers who need to beat large pieces underwater will come in handy Diver Propulsion Vehicle course.

Hardening for diving in autumn and winter

Find out if hardening is necessary for the diver to comfortably dive in the fall and winter. The duration of operation of a diver in water depends on suitable clothing and readiness for work at low temperatures. More on Diver motivational technique, cold baths and quenching steps read more in these in articles -

Average water temperature in Latvia by months

January 4 ° C, February 2 ° C, March 3 ° C, April 6 ° C, May 12 ° C, June 17 ° C, July 19 ° C, August 20 ° C, September 17 ° C, October 12 ° C, November 8 ° C, December 5 ° C

About the Dry Suit Diver diving course

What do you learn during "dry suit" diving lessons in open water:

  • How to properly care for, store, prepare and inspect the DrySuit
  • Learn how to use the DrySuit inlet and outlet valves correctly
  • Respond to various simulated emergency situations when air has entered the legs of the DrySuit suit.

About the "Full Face Mask Diver" training course

Diving with a full face mask allows the diver to breathe with his nose and mouth, as well as provides warmth and comfort in cooler water. The full face mask is equipped with communication tools that are useful for various types of diving where communication with a diver is required.

During several full face mask diving lessons, you will learn:

  • How to properly prepare and test your full face mask for diving.
  • Make adjustments to the full face mask and how to properly clean the water from the mask.
  • Respond to various simulated emergency situations when there is no air supply.

Independent diving practice in the diving club DIVING

We offer practice places for divers and future diving Divemaster (GO-PRO - from beginner to PADI Divemaster). We organize diving trips, follow us >>>!

We prepare, train and certify divers though DrySuit diver, though Full Face Mask Diver courses. We offer 30 different specializations in diving training and the issuance of international PADI scuba diving certificates.

Diving Dry Suit Diver we teach the training course in Latvian, Russian and English in Riga and throughout Latvia (prior registration required, phone /WhatsApp 220-77-202)

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