Servant of Neptune

100 years ago "Servant of Neptune" 42, 43

On a windy and sunny day, the mind is happier Then I run like a foal on the beach and jump in the waves to have fun with them. I am exactly twenty-one years old, and the will to live is fermenting over the edge like fresh sauerkraut juice in a full barrel under a load. Sometimes […]

Dolomite quarry in Sloka

Underwater search club "Aquilon"

Underwater search club "Akvilons" operated in Latvia from 1984 to 1989. (The information is being clarified). They used to be located at the address - Olīvu street 3, Riga. The name of the underwater diving club comes from ancient Roman mythology - "Aquilon" is a god who personifies a strong north wind. […]

Riga Underwater Sports Club Amphibious scuba divers Viktors Svirido

Riga underwater sports club "Amphibija"

Underwater sports club "Amphibija" operated in Latvia from 1963 to 1985. (Information is being clarified) Several dozen divers worked in the club, such as Eduards Smirnovs, DOSAAF Riga Sea Club underwater sports instructor Eduards Tkachenko, Bruno Pilots, Viktors Svirido, engineer Vladimirs Stepanovs, Gennadys Opolchennys, engineer [...]

Latvian underwater workers are at the bottom

With this article, we continue the series of articles on the history of Latvian divers. Let's preserve the history of Latvian underwater sports! We invite Latvian underwater sports veterans to apply, or people who know underwater athletes or harbor divers. The article contains excerpts from newspapers (1920-1930) and […]

Diver Equipment Museum in Latvia

Latvian divers' museum, divers' equipment museum

Donating to the divers' museum in Latvia, Riga Currently, the "Latvian Divers' Museum" exhibition is being collected, if you want to participate in its creation, the place of collection is Pinķos, Mārupe district, LV-2107, phone 220-77-202. All supporters who help in the creation of the collection will be entered in the list of honored guests of the "Submarine Museum [...]

Diver Valentin Pavuls

Latvian diver Valentīns Pāvuls

Valentin Pāvuls (17.09.1905- 14.02.1993) Valentin Pāvuls was born in 1905. on September 17 in Vecauce, but he lived his life by the waters or in the water itself - working as a diver. To ensure a practical life, he turned to the risky work of a diver already in Latvia. Until 1914, the Pavuli family [...]

History of Latvian divers

History of Latvian divers

A book for divers and divers is available in stores - a book on the history of Latvian divers, entitled "History of Latvian divers", which has once again delighted diver, underwater researcher and author Andris Vanags. Andris Vanags publishes a new book, for which […]