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The Latvian diving instructor is awarded the PADI Elite Instructor Award

Valters Preimanis Padi Instructor Elite 2021

Scuba diving is a big part of our lives, as evidenced by the PADI Elite Instructor Award.

The training of scuba divers in 2022 is progressing well, this year we aim to win the gold PADI Elite Instructor Award. Diving club "Diving",  PADI MSDT instructor Valters Preimanis, 4th consecutive year (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) receives PADI Elite Instructor award and thanked all the assistants.

Thank you to all Latvian divers and scuba divers for their love of water. Many thanks to the club Divemasters, diving assistant instructors for your great work and constant support!

Thanks to the wonderful people for the support of the divers' club - Mārtiņš, Margarita, Līva, Gints, Rihards, Igors, Ruslans, Andris, and all the expert helpers who helped in our project - Andris, Edgars, Imants, Aldis, Nora, Artis, Gatis, Arthur, Uģis, Edgars, Jānis, Gundars, Eduards, Arnis and others

On behalf of the PADI® organization, I am delighted to award you the 2021 PADI Elite Instructor Award. This award is presented in recognition of your hard work and dedication as a PADI professional, as well as as part of the organization's expanded commitment to COVID Relief for participants who honor Elite Instructor ratings until the end of 2022.

Thank you.

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Where to apply for diving in Latvia?

🤿😀 For advice or assistance, call a PADI Diver Instructor t. 220-77-202 (Whatsapp 220-77-202) for advice and scuba diving.