Diving into the historical heritage of the Baltic Sea

The heritage of the Baltic Sea history, wreck diving is available for technical divers. The minesweeper "Yenisei" lies at a depth of 47 meters on one side, the water temperature of 4C has well preserved this shipwreck, which is a cultural monument of Estonia.

Minesweeper "Yenisei"

The very well-preserved wreck is currently at a depth of 47 m. Visibility is mostly between 5 and 10 meters. It's pitch black and you need a good underwater lamp. The wreck lies with a 35-40 degree inclination on the right side due to its deep V-shaped keel. Five 76mm cannons are visible on the ship.
Many parts are visible on the ship as it lies on the ground on one side. The shipwreck is partially covered with nets, several seals are visible in the nets.

Diving to a depth of 47 meters

Walters, instructor of the diving club "Divings", together with two technical divers, Martins and Yevgenijs from Latvia and one diver from Estonia, inspected the minesweeper "Yenisei", it was a 90 m long Russian minesweeper, launched in 1910. On June 4, 1915, it was torpedoed by the German submarine U-26 off the coast of Estonia, which was then Russian territory.

What is technical diving?

Technical diving allows you to expand your diving beyond the limitations of non-stop recreational diving. This allows you to plan longer dives at shallower depths or plan dives at more difficult depths and locations. The TEC DEEP technical diver training and certification course is available at the diving club "Divings".

Where to apply for technical diving?

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