Diving in Albania, Tirana

Diving in Albania with a diving club
Scuba diving in Albania is unforgettably beautiful, it is a great recreation underwater, which is combined with the training of divers and the accumulation of underwater experience. Exploring the shores of the Mediterranean cliffs and the beautiful underwater world, shipwreck diving. Preparation for young divers,
Opportunity to learn many diving specialties (Dry, Advanced Open Water diver, Wreck Diver, Deep diver). Diving takes place together with the Latvian PADI MSDT diving instructor.
Scuba diving in Albania
Albania's unique nature and landscape, which is mainly made up of mountainous terrain immersed in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, is slowly turning it into a highly sought-after tourist destination.

The Blue Eye is a water source and natural phenomenon located in the Delvine district of southern Albania, about 20 km from the city of Saranda. The spring is a popular tourist attraction, and the clear blue water with bubbles is stunningly unique. The known depth of the spring is over fifty meters, because it is at this depth that the divers have sunk. The spring is part of a 180-hectare nature reserve and is characterized by oak forests and wild figs. In the summer of 2004, spring dried up temporarily.

Of the many shipwrecks off the coast of Albania, Sarande has two well-known dive sites within easy reach of the coast.

Bay of Vlora - Wreck of the Italian ship of World War II (Po). The shallowest part of the wreck is 18 meters high, descending to a depth of 33 meters, and is in a sheltered position and away from the sea currents. As the wreck is 150 meters long, two or three dives can be seen and a diver's certificate PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

The huge Italian cargo ship sank in the Gulf of Sarande in 1944. It is a 120 meter long ship. Divers can explore the wreck at a depth of 4 to 21 meters. There is no sea current here. Visibility 8 - 12 meters.

Beautiful Albania
Beautiful Albania

Albanian cuisine is uniquely influenced by Greek, Italian, Turkish and Syrian cuisine. Albanians enjoy a variety of snacks, such as soups, pies, chicken pilaf and various other delicacies, and the main meal of the day is lunch, which usually consists of a main course - usually lamb or beef - and Ionian and Adriatic seafood. specialties. Salads usually taste with olive oil or soy, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, olives. There is always feta or shepherd's cheese.

Where to apply for diving in Albania?

🤿😀 For advice or assistance, call a PADI Diver Instructor t. 220-77-202 for advice and scuba diving. The end of August and the beginning of September is the best time to dive in Albania.