Diving in Venta hub in Kuldiga

Diving in the most unique places in Latvia. The underwater video in the Venta hub in Kuldiga was filmed several years ago. I decided to publish these documentary video footage, because in this way, I will probably draw more people to scuba diving, freediving and the interesting underwater world in Latvia. Video shows unique underwater shots from […]

Breathing exercises for divers and freedivers

Controlling and separating breathing between the nose and mouth is a necessary thing for underwater athletes who breathe through a regulator and dive with a breath hold. The following (soft palate) workouts will help you control the breathing processes in your body Touch your mouth Inhale through your nose Exhale […]

Freediving instructor in Latvia

The world's leading scuba diving association PADI offers freediving courses in Latvia, where you can get Freediver certificates - Freediver, Advanced Freediver and Master Freediver. Freediving instructor in Latvia Valters Preimanis has successfully trained as an instructor qualification certification course in Dahab, Egypt, which took place over a month, […]

freediving training

PADI Freediver course, freediving training courses in Latvia

Individual Freediver training - one training session in the water with a PADI Freediver instructor, trainer's diving buoy and full freediving equipment (freediving suit, long fins, weight belt, mask and tube) The lesson costs 65 Eur and takes up to 3 hours in the water […]