A plane sunk in a lake or swamp, what to do?

Many stories have been preserved in Latvia about equipment sunk and abandoned in swamps and lakes. People have seen planes fall into the lake, fishermen have accidentally picked up parts while fishing. There are many confirmed cases of historical objects, there are also many cases where aircraft nevertheless [...]

Diving on the island of Zenobia in Cyprus

When is the best time to go scuba diving on the island of Cyprus? The event will take place from April 30 to May 7, 2022. (Offered by "Marupe Water Sports Association" together with the diving club "Diving") The beginning of May is one of the best times to go diving in Cyprus with water temperature […]

Diving in Aiviekste quarry reservoir

Diving in Aiviekste quarry lake

Diving Aiviekste quarry reservoir is part of the activities of the diving club "DAIVINGS", touring Latvian lakes. On a daily basis, the instructors of the diving club, who have acquired skills and received the highest marks, in the Diving Instructors Professional Association PADI, train divers in the Dolomite quarry reservoir near Sloka, Riga. What […]

Dolomite quarry reservoir aerial photo

Diving Dolomite quarry reservoir

The lake, which has developed in the place of a quarry, is located in the district of Riga, in the territory of Jurmala. To reach the Dolomite quarry reservoir, on the way from Riga you have to spend ~ 25 minutes. To dive in the Dolomite quarry reservoir, you can use the parking lot at the Dolomite quarry, located after […]

Stock exchange quarry sunken railway

History of the Biržai quarry In 1984, dolomite began to be mined in this area, as the Radži quarry near Jēkabpils was almost depleted in terms of resources and the dolomite plant called “Dolomite” in Jēkabpils needed dolomite to be able to provide […]

A tank has sunk in a lake or swamp, what to do?

In Latvia, many stories about equipment sunk in swamps and lakes have been preserved. Although there are many confirmed cases, there are also many cases where tanks are not found. There are 2,256 lakes in Latvia whose surface area exceeds 1 hectare. Therefore, many lakes or swamps in Latvia […]

Diving in Lake Juvera at a depth of 20 meters

Diving in Lake Juvera

Diving in Lake Juvera, which is 20 meters deep, together with the scuba diving club "Diving". In the courses we learn Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit diver exercises. Juveris (also Lake Juvera) is a public lake in the central part of Dzērbene Parish, Vecpiebalga District. Thanks to […]

Diving in Lake Ummja

Diving in Lake Ummja

We have performed scuba diving in Lake Ummja, measured its sludge thickness and clarity, as well as surveyed the former diving training site to assess the suitability of the lake for scuba diving. At the time of the survey, looking at the former diving base of Lake Ummja, at the end of summer, the visibility in the lake is only […]

Open water divers

Diving in Raja's career

We have conducted underwater diving in the Rajju quarry reservoir and conducted a survey to evaluate the suitability of the lake for underwater diving. How to get to Rajju quarry: Rajju quarry is located in Jēkabpils, Krustpils parish. You can get from Riga to Jēkabpilis by car along the A6 highway or by [...]