Meditation to improve the mind and health

Anyone can practice meditation Anyone can practice meditation. To make meditation more serious, a mentor, teacher, or instructor usually teaches a person to meditate. It is possible to learn meditation both in person and at home by practicing 10 days of Buddhist Vipassana (Clear Insight) […]

Malta Gozo scuba diving

Diving Gozo, Malta reviews and how to apply

Scuba Diving in the Charming Mediterranean Group of the Maltese Islands, Gozo, off the coast of Africa, every year, together with PADI diving instructor Walter, apply to WhatsApp / Tel. 220-77-202. Scuba diving in Malta takes place in October. The program includes a unique scuba diving program with caves […]

We are going on a yacht in Gotland - Ventspils

Transfer of a yacht from Sweden to Latvia

In this article, Driving a Yacht by Sea from Sweden to Latvia (275 Nm / 509 km), I will describe how Latvians buy yachts in Sweden and sail with them to Latvia. In our neighboring Sweden, fiberglass yachts pay fabulously in the off-season, it is possible to buy them 1500-3000 […]

Cold baths for beginners

Cold baths for beginners

Diving instructor Valters Preimanis, whose job is diving training, cools his body with cold baths in winter and cold weather, as well as brings diving club athletes who want to harden their bodies into the cold world. Frequently asked questions about cold baths. What do you want […]

Ice diving in Latvia

Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular in Latvia and more and more people, including women, have dived under the ice, says diving coach Valters Preimanis, who trains divers in the Riga district, about the ice diving specialty course PADI ICE Diver: “Ice diving is one of the […]

Winter swim in the pool with an instructor

The practice and motivation technique for a cold winter swim in the algae together with the instructor is an event that takes place together with the instructor of the scuba diving club "Diving", coach Valters Preimanis. Follow the scuba diving club Facebook to find out about the next event or apply for a coach […]

Divemaster Liene Muzikante was engaged in ice diving, photo Valters Preimanis

Diving in autumn and winter in Latvian waters

Diving season in Latvia It is assumed that the scuba diving season in Latvian waters lasts from May to September and lasts for 5 months, the information is presented by Diving submarine club Diving coach Valters Preimanis. Scuba Diving Athletes - Enthusiasts Often With October […]

Breathing exercises for divers and freedivers

Controlling and separating breathing between the nose and mouth is a necessary thing for underwater athletes who breathe through a regulator and dive with a breath hold. The following (soft palate) workouts will help you control the breathing processes in your body Touch your mouth Inhale through your nose Exhale […]

freediving training

Lung breathing exercises to strengthen health

As scuba diving courses teach, during effective and proper breathing, a person's chest expands, forward and sideways, and the abdomen protrudes. This breathing is called mixed breathing, explained by proper breathing experts and doctors. It is right to breathe through […]

Cold bath

Benefits of an ice bath - How cold therapy changes the body and brain

The general idea of ice bath therapy is that cooling the body in water forces the body to work actively to maintain the internal temperature. It increases blood flow throughout the body. Here are some of the benefits of scientifically researched ice baths. Faster recovery after exercises and injuries Athletes […]