Surveying the bed with the help of divers

Surveying the bed with the help of divers is an effective method for obtaining detailed information about this environment, serving as an important source of information for various industries, including engineering, construction, hydrology and archaeology.

We carry out underwater technical works regularly, surveying the bottom of the bed with the help of divers in the Daugava and in the port area is carried out independently, confirms "Dronelab" SIA.

Commercial divers in Latvia

Dronelab Ltd (tel. 257-290-44 ) offers a wide range of services for divers, including surveying the bed with the help of divers. The technology used by divers makes it possible to accurately assess the relief and condition of the bottom of the water body, obtaining valuable information for various engineering projects. In the continuation, the technology of bed survey with the help of divers will be examined in detail, using the Daugava bed survey project in the territory of the port of Riga.

Survey methodology

Surveying the bed with the help of divers includes several stages:

  1. Planning: Before starting the survey, careful planning is carried out, which includes the study of the object site, preparation of the necessary equipment and formation of the work team.
  2. Mobilization: The inspection team arrives at the facility and prepares the workplace. This includes unloading and deploying equipment and implementing security measures.
  3. Underwater survey: Divers conduct underwater surveys using a variety of instruments and techniques to obtain detailed information about the topography and condition of the bed. Common methods are:
    • Visual inspection: Divers visually assess the condition of the bed, recording observations in photos and videos.
    • Sonar survey: Sonar is used to create an accurate topography map of the bed.
    • Geodetic measurements: Divers perform geodetic measurements to determine the coordinates and depth of specific points.
  4. Data processing: The resulting data is processed and analyzed to create detailed bed survey reports and maps.
  5. Conclusion: The results of the survey are presented to the client, giving recommendations and conclusions about the condition of the bed and its impact on the planned works.

Technical details

The following technologies were used within the scope of the Daugava bed survey project in the area of the Port of Riga:

  • Equipment for divers: Modern diving equipment that ensures safe and efficient underwater work.
  • Sonar: A multi-beam sonar that enables high-resolution bed topography maps.
  • Geodetic equipment: Precise geodetic equipment for measuring coordinates and depth.
  • Data processing software: Special software for data processing and visualization.


Bed surveying with the help of divers offers several advantages over other methods:

  • High precision: Divers can make detailed observations and measurements that are not possible with other methods.
  • Comprehensive information: During the survey, information can be obtained not only about the topography of the bed, but also about other objects located under water, such as wrecks.


Bed surveying by divers is an efficient and cost-effective method that provides high-precision data on the underwater environment. Dronelab SIA's experienced engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and software to provide accurate and reliable results to clients in various industries.

This is just one example of Dronelab SIA's diver services. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch with Dronelab Ltd today to discuss your bed surveying project needs and we will be happy to help!