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Start and build your diving career already this year!

What to do on a hot summer day? Of course, go scuba diving and get into a nice, chilling world!

PADI Women's Diving Day with Diving
PADI divers, diving club "Divings"

This day's motto is - Continue your diving adventure in this hot summer time ☀️🔥☀️ and build your diving career already this year! To become a PADI Rescue Diver, you must first complete Open Water and then Advanced Open Water Diver training. 🤿

What can you do with a PADI Rescue Diver certification?

With the "Rescue diver" certificate, you can start training in the "Divemaster" course. While taking the Divemaster course at the Diving Club, you can learn it through an Intership. 🤿
Welcome, as an "Open Water Diver" you can learn many interesting and unique courses in Latvia and throughout the Baltics with our instructor!

Unique diving courses in the Baltics!

These courses can only be taken at the diving club "Divings", expand your competence and become more knowledgeable!
🤿PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle ,
🤿PADI Underwater Videographer
🤿PADI Sidemount Specialty,
🤿PADI Full Face Mask Specialty
🤿PADI ICE DIVER Specialty (winter),
🤿PADI Adaptive Support Diver
🤿PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialist Diver (PRO)

Welcome to the underwater world without solar steam!


If you are looking for advice or help, call a PADI diver instructor t. 220-77-202 (Whatsapp 220-77-202) to find advice and practice diving much more widely.