Sea sickness

Scientific advice for the management of marine diseases

According to the NRA, British and French scientists have come up with a new recommendation for people who suffer from seasickness during a flight on a plane or, for example, while boating - they must do everything possible to keep the rocking rhythm from coinciding with the breathing rhythm itself. Experts point out that […]

What is decompression sickness and what are the symptoms?

Decompression sickness, or caisson disease, can occur in any of the following situations: Diver accelerated swimming; Airplanes take off rapidly or lose altitude rapidly; If a diver flies an airplane after diving. Decompression sickness is caused by the leakage of inert gases, usually nitrogen, into body fluids and tissues, […]

Human survival in cold water

The website of the Latvian Navy Coast Guard Service contains a manual for seafarers "Human survival in cold water". It should be noted that this manual should be read by anyone, including divers, because the information it contains can be really useful. The purpose of this guide is to explain the dangers, […]

Decompression sickness - how to avoid it and what to do in case of problems

Decompression sickness or Caisson disease - there is no diver who has not heard of this disease even if only a little. Already starting the first training courses in scuba diving, the instructor tells students about the most dangerous things in diving. Including for decompression sickness. Topic […]

Scuba diving and smoking

In the article “Smoking and scuba diving” Dr. David Buch draws our attention to the fact that too many active divers are also passionate smokers. In fact, during the 15 years I spend in recreational scuba diving, I have seen a decrease in the number of smokers among swimmers. Many divers […]

Smoking and scuba diving

Smoking and scuba diving. Can such a combination be said to be a risk factor for caesarean section? It is well known to most divers that drinking alcohol before diving can cause dehydration, which in turn increases decompression sickness (DMS), also known as “caisson” […]

Caisson disease

Care for a diver affected by Caisson disease

The care of a diver affected by Caisson's disease is an article that describes the medical procedures that must be performed under medical supervision, according to the US treatment methodology. The urgency of treating a caisson injury should first be determined. Perform an initial assessment at the diving site. Caisson disease or any of its symptoms that are […]

Detection of Caisson disease

Detection of Caisson disease

The most common manifestations of caisson disease are joint pain and numbness. The following is: muscle weakness and inability to empty the bladder. Severe caesarean section is easy to identify because the signs and symptoms are clearly visible. However, most caesarean section manifests itself as mild joint pain […]

Caisson disease

Caisson disease

Caeson's disease is the result of inadequate decompression followed by exposure to high pressure. In some cases, Caeson's disease is not severe and does not pose an immediate threat. Otherwise, serious damage may occur; and when this happens, the sooner treatment is started, the better the chances of […]

Caisson disease

Caisson disease: What is it and how to treat it?

The term caisson disease, or decompression sickness, is used to describe a disease that occurs when the pressure on the body drops. For example, what happens to your body when you jump out after diving. Decompression sickness includes two diseases, one of which is caisson disease […]