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Winter swim in the pool with an instructor

Practice and motivation technique for a cold winter swim in the alga together with an instructor is an event that takes place together with an instructor of the scuba diving club "Diving" coach Valteru Preimani.
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  • Let's use while there is still ice!
  • The winter period is a good opportunity to harden the body.
  • A cold water bath or a winter bath is also a good exercise for developing willpower, because without willpower, nothing happens in life.
  • Willpower is similar to muscle - in order to become stronger, it must be trained regularly.
  • Initially, 100 seconds on a cold bath a day will suffice.
  • Cold thermogenesis (thermogenesis regulates body temperature and promotes its production) is one of the best forms of hardening.
The event will be held together with a diving instructor, we will sit and harden together. We learn to enter the water, swim in the algae and motivation techniques.