Scuba diving is one of the best activities to take after removing Covid-19 restrictions

Scuba diver trainer Valters Preimanis says about scuba diving - "Diving has been shown to be very calming, it is the best antidepressant and a very meditative sport, I believe that scuba diving is one of the most ideal activities you can do during and after a COVID-19 pandemic (not to mention the mental health benefits).“.

Diver Gints from scuba diving club "Diving" opens reservoir in Dubkalni quarry

Here are some examples of why diving is the best activity:

You always wear a mask

  • It is a must to use a face mask while scuba diving. You cover your face and breathe through the regulator, and although it is made of a different material than the one you are used to wearing these days, your mask and respirator cover your nose and mouth all the time.

Scuba diving provides physical fitness

  • The more we dive and swim, the more our muscles gain strength and flexibility. Diving is a physically demanding activity that helps you stay in shape and burn calories. You need energy to put on a diving suit, wear balloons, jump into the water, put on fins and swim in the underwater world. When we move around in the water, our muscles tend to work more than if we were on the surface. This is due to the resistance of the water, its denser mass and currents, which can add even more resistance to your movements.

You can study separately

  • If you are interested in one of your scuba diving PADI courses, but are worried about health risks while in class with other people, you can take the course online with an instructor and learn from your home.

Your mental health is improving

  • Undoubtedly, staying in prison for months can have a negative effect on our emotions and mental health. Scuba diving is considered by many to be the "best therapy" because when you dive into the sea, your problems and worries remain on the surface of the water, and the only thing that matters is the beauty of the moment. There are no words to explain how magical it is to be able to breathe underwater, explore the waters and meet underwater wildlife. Diving has even helped many people cope with depression and anxiety.

You are with people who are aware and think about health

  • You must be in good physical condition to dive. Any responsible diver who may have symptoms of a coronavirus or other similar illness, such as a cough, flu or headache, will know that their body is not in good physical condition to be underwater. Therefore, for personal safety and regardless of the COVID era in which we live, it is better to stay at home and avoid diving.

Scuba diving, it's fun!

  • Even without a COVID pandemic, diving is always a fun activity. It's a way to explore our blue planet, which is so diverse with life and energy. First of all, it is a face-to-face meeting with nature, where you will share extraordinary moments with marine life. Finally, happiness can have significant benefits for both your immune system and overall health, and I have not yet met anyone who would not come out of the water with a HUGE smile! So what are you waiting for?

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ps In the picture, Diver Gints from the scuba diving club "Diving" opens a reservoir in the Dubkalni quarry during the Covid-19 pandemic.