Diving activities

Scuba diving in winter conditions in Sloka Mill

The scuba diving club organizes scuba diving in Sloka Mill.

Great day, we practiced ICE Diving, together with Monika, Viesturs and Kārlis!🐬👍🤿

  • Air -7,
  • in water +2,
  • visibility 10 meters 🌡🌤

Scuba diving in ice conditions in Sloka Mill

Together with PADI diving instructor Valters Preimanis.👌🏼🤿🐬 Slokas Mill is planned both on Saturday and Sunday.

Ice diving is for brave divers

Ice diving is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled types of diving

We dive in one entrance, we return through it

It is the most complicated and difficult of the diving methods, because the diver enters the world of ice with one entrance to the ice, through which it also returns.

The water becomes much clearer when there is ice in the water bodies

The water is clearer, you see 5-10 times further than in summer, because the floating underwater particles have sunk to the bottom. The air bubbles rise and then all merge into one.

In the cold, the diver must make friends

The heat of the adrenaline gradually subsides and the cold gradually subsides, the hands feel first and the diver's head appears over the algae after 30 minutes.