Winter bath

Motivational technique for a cold winter swim

The winter period is a good opportunity to harden the body. A cold water bath or a winter bath is also a good exercise for developing willpower, because without willpower, nothing happens in life. Willpower is similar to muscle - in order to become stronger, it must be trained regularly. Initially […]

Benefits of a cold bath

The benefits of a cold bath are why you need to do it

Cold water has many health benefits. This activity is becoming increasingly popular because hardening benefits both physical and mental health. At a time when the thermometer falls below 14 degrees in the water, it is time to harden out. The key is to do everything gradually, […]

ear structure

10 tips for easy ear pressure equalization

Middle ear pressure equalization requires the skill of a scuba diver to equalize the pressure in the adjacent cavities of the nose and in the middle ear spaces with external ambient pressure. Here are 10 tips to easily equalize the pressure in your ears: 1. Listen to the “click” before dressing in a diving suit or […]

Cold water shower, hardening benefits and how to do it?

There are many reasons why people want to harden. Basically, people have a desire to strengthen their health and immunity. Another important source of motivation is the resistance to cold in cold weather. People have a conscious or unconscious desire to increase their willpower. Cold shower and tempering procedures are […]

Diving in winter

Every year, the diving portal Diving invites you to dive together in the Sloka water body in winter, and this year is no exception to the usual traditions. We sincerely invite all certified scuba divers to meet on December 31 this year at 10:00. The program provides for joint diving, talking […]

Seasickness management and medicine

Go on an exotic trip abroad on a yacht or diving boat, often you may feel unwell, dizziness, paleness, vomiting, which are the most common symptoms for those who suffer from seasickness. The health of a diver or tourist can sometimes be so poor that it is not possible to continue the journey […]

Aerobic threshold of the body

As an active diver, the success of underwater activities is closely linked to a person's overall health and physical development. Endurance in sport is the ability to continue to function for a long time without reducing its effectiveness. In simple language - continue to operate with constant speed, power and accuracy. There are, of course, sports […]

First aid training

First aid training Diving is one of the safest sports in the world. One of the preconditions for a diver to be able to provide first aid is to have completed the first aid course, "Emergency First Response". Many PADI instructors are also “First Aid First Aid” […]

Liepaja baroque chamber

Liepaja baroque rescues divers again

According to the source, on August 4, at about 7.30 pm, a civil diver turned to Liepāja Diving School for medical help with complaints about possible symptoms of decompression sickness and a sharp deterioration of his health after diving in the Baltic Sea at a depth of 77 meters, the portal informs the Military …]

Hookahs and health warns - smoking is harmful to your health! In the case of decompression sickness, smokers may have more severe injuries. Disputes about the health effects of hookahs are now a common topic in various media, but over time, a serious regularity has crystallized. Very few are […]