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Motivational technique for a cold winter swim

Winter bath

The winter period is a good opportunity to harden the body. Cold water bathing or winter bathing is also a good exercise for the development of willpower, because without willpower, nothing happens in life. Willpower is similar to muscle - in order to become stronger, it must be trained regularly. Initially, 100 seconds on a cold bath a day will suffice. Cold thermogenesis (Thermogenesis regulates body temperature and promotes its production) is one of the best ways to harden.

Motivational technique for a cold bath

  1. Motivate yourself to achieve the goal, set the goal - "I will do it and feel good after a cold bath"
  2. Inhale several, 6 very deep inhalations and exhalations
  3. Enter the water and start thinking up to 100
  4. After a cold water bath, feel the new condition, tell yourself - "Thank you for what you have done, I am alert and feel great"

Benefits of cold water for human health

  • The immune system improves - the human body hardens, less sick with runny nose and colds;
  • Increases endorphin levels - reduces anxiety and stress, and creates a feeling of pleasure;
  • Improves blood circulation and improved skin appearance - skin looks firm and radiant;
  • Increases libido - better self-confidence and cooler mood;
  • Causes weak cell death or autophagy;
  • Converts white fat to brown, which are more efficient energy producers / providers in the body;
  • Helps relieve excess weight, improves metabolism;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Reduces appetite;
  • A hardened body promotes longevity.

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