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Underwater orienteering

Underwater orienteering athlete

Underwater orienteering is one of the Latvian underwater sports types. Please apply Latvian underwater athletes and scuba diving veterans, due to accumulation of historical memories! Call 22077202 (Walter) or send a message using the contact form.

Underwater orienteering
Underwater orienteering is an underwater sport

What is Underwater Orienteering?

Underwater orienteering is a type of sports competition that combines elements of scuba diving and orienteering. elements. Underwater orienteering requires technical understanding, coordination and other skill skills from a scuba diver.

Underwater orienteering is popular in Germany for oriental diving clubs. Internationally engaged in sports in Egypt, Tunisia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe, as well as France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia and Austria use diving clubs.

Underwater orienteering athlete
Underwater orienteering athlete

Underwater orienteering is underwater sport, where athletes compete underwater using monoplane or flippers, specially adapted scuba diving and navigation devices (compass and distance meter) to complete a certain route with high accuracy in a shorter time. (In English - underwater navigation)

Types of underwater orienteering competitions

  1. M course (zones) - called M by the shape of the route. The distance is 590 meters. Maximum time 00:15:20. The route has a buoy, 3 zones and a finish line. Areas should be bypassed from the outer edge.
  2. Landmarks - includes a start buoy and 5 landmarks, the last of which is the finish. When reaching the landmark, the athlete must fix it (by immersion or rotation). The total length of the route is 650 meters. According to the rules, the distance between the landmarks is 100-150-100-100-200 meters.
  3. Star - includes a start buoy and 5 landmarks, each of which must be fixed and 5 zones to be bypassed from the outer edge. The total length of the route is 620 meters.

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