We invite Latvian underwater sports veterans to apply

Let's preserve the history of Latvian underwater sports! We invite Latvian underwater sports veterans or people who know underwater athletes to apply. Latvia has a relatively rich experience in the field of underwater sports - our predecessors trained in underwater orienteering, underwater shooting and underwater fast swimming. We want this sport […]

Scuba diving 10 most popular Android applications

The 10 most popular Android applications for scuba diving are probably a collection of Android applications required for divers. With the growing popularity of smartphones, many divers already have or are likely to have Android-based mobile phones. Dozens of authors have created Android mobile phone applications for diving, which […]

Underwater orienteering athlete

Underwater orienteering

Underwater orienteering is one of the underwater sports in Latvia. We invite Latvian underwater athletes and underwater sports diving veterans to apply, due to the accumulation of historical memories! Call 22077202 (Walter) or send a message using the contact form. What is Underwater Orienteering? Underwater orienteering is a type of sports competition that combines underwater […]