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Research: Scuba diving helps relieve stress

Scuba diving helps in relieving stress

A 2017 study by French mental health institutions found that recreational diving could be more effective in reducing stress and improving mental well-being than other sports.

Recreational sports improve the mood of divers who report the benefits of physical activity during the holidays. The health benefits of recreational diving seem to outweigh the practice of other sports in reducing stress and improving well-being.

Scuba diving helps in relieving stress
Scuba diving helps in relieving stress

Danish soldiers are also recovering from the stress of long missions at the sports and leisure diving school.

Studies in diving centers in Denmark have shown that water helps soldiers cope with the post-traumatic stress of prolonged military operations in hotspots.

The diving school in Odense, Denmark, is one of those that helps recover troops on international missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Studies show that when underwater, soldiers are effective in relieving stress, anger, agitation and hopelessness.

Visitors to the diving school say that after such activities, their night's sleep has significantly improved, because being under water for a good time temporarily separates them from the outside world and relaxes their thoughts and mind.

Underwater diving coach Valters Preimanis says about scuba diving - “Diving has been proven to be very calming, it is the best antidepressant and very meditative sport, I believe that scuba diving is one of the most ideal activities you can do in a COVID-19 pandemic. during and after (not to mention mental health benefits) ”.

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