Diving on the island of Zenobia in Cyprus

When is the best time to go scuba diving on the island of Cyprus?

The event will take place from April 30 to May 7, 2022. (Offered by "Mārupe Water Sports Association" together with diving club "Diving")

The beginning of May is one of the best times to go diving in Cyprus with water temperatures around 20C and
air temperature around 25C., The water is pleasantly warm (5-7mm neoprene will make you feel warm and comfortable),
visibility is very good and weather is mostly windless. May is also the most suitable month to enjoy
Dive sites in Cyprus without large crowds of tourists, as there are more opportunities from June to October
appreciate other divers' equipment and stand in line at the entry points than enjoy the scuba diving
the world. So we decided to go exploring Cyprus on May holidays in order to get the best that Cyprus has to offer
, - warm sea and sun, exciting diving sites and of course the beauty of nature, history and Greek

How to get to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus?

  • On April 30 we will fly with Rynair to Paphos and from there we will go together to the Paralimni region, about 2 hours
    within driving distance of our base.
  • On the afternoon of April 30, we will arrive in our apartments, we will be able to settle down and go for the first swim in the sea, for dinner together or simply run on the terrace on a warm spring evening.
  • Because the next day we will start our diving program for 5 days. On May 6, the last day in Cyprus, we will not be able to dive so that the body can prepare for the return flight, so we will go to Paphos in the morning, where we will spend the night before returning to Riga in the morning.
  • As it will be our holiday, we will respect democracy and decide together whether to visit the various sights along the way, or go straight to Paphos - a beautiful and ancient port city, with its tombs, beaches and coastal restaurants.

Diving on the island of Zenobia in Cyprus

Where will we dive on the island of Cyprus and what will we see?

We will spend 5 days diving together, in which we will do 10 dives.

The first day of diving

  1. In the very first lane, we will refresh our knowledge of the most popular diving site in Cyprus, Green Bay (5-
    10m) - here we will have the opportunity not only to get to know the underwater flora and fauna of Cyprus, but also to meet the inhabitants
    large water turtles and see a small gallery of underwater sculptures.
  2. In the second lane we will go to the nearby Ayia Napa, where only one of the world's largest underwater museums MUSAN (8-10m), created a year ago, is located, consisting of 93 sculptures created by artist Jason de Caires Taylor.

This is a fantastic place, especially for those who are passionate about underwater photography, because although the museum is designed to create artificial reefs, it is also a unique and magical place for beautiful photo sessions or simply a meditative dive enjoying the art.

The second day of diving

What is the main diving attraction in Cyprus?

  • Of course the wrecks! And Cyprus is by far the best wreck diving in Europe. Before going to Zenobia, on the second day we will visit two wrecks near Paralimni, the coast - Nemesis and Liberty.
  • Nemesis is located at a depth of 24 m and is 25 m long and sits on a seabed allowing him to swim inside and is a good opportunity for those who have not yet encountered it to learn to dive in wrecks.
  • Liberty is a small Russian cargo ship 37 m long and 27 m deep. The two wrecks are separated from each other only 100 m apart, making a lobe with a 15l balloon or nitrox can be visited at the same time, because if the group's readiness allows us to do so, we will be able to add another location on this day, but we will decide on the spot.

Third day of diving: Diving on Zenobia!

That's what we were all waiting for! Reference to PADI 2021 list of the most exciting wrecks in the worldThe wreck of the Zenobia ship is in the top five.

And also always at the top of the polls about the best diving places in the world! The lowest point of the 172 m long cargo ship is located at a depth of 42 m (inside 45 m), the shallowest 16 m. On its first trip in 1980, Zenobia traveled from Sweden to Syria with more than 100 trucks, tractors and other equipment on board. However, the ship did not reach Syria due to a number of technical problems during the voyage and the decision to call at the port of Larnaca. Thus, near Larnaca, Zenobia tilted and sank into the depths of the sea with more than $ 200 million worth of cargo.

Several conspiracy theories have been put forward as to why Zenobia was sunk, from insurance fraud to the Palestinian Independence Movement and the sinking of the ship by Israeli intelligence. Those interested in exploring the subject in more depth can watch the documentary 'Zenobia shipwreck, Mystery of the Spy Sabotage' (made by the grandchildren of the famous marine researcher Jacques Cousteau, who have studied Zanobia). Be that as it may, the world has acquired one of the greatest diving sites, which attracts both experienced divers with their extensive opportunities to explore the boat, and is suitable even for beginners, because the upper part, which is only 16 m deep, is attractive with especially rich marine fauna, here is an opportunity to meet the inhabitants of the Mediterranean in great concentration, and even to feed the giants.

On this day, we will not only get to know them, but also explore the interior of the ship in two sections, also sailing through the ship, where you can still see the well-preserved beverage machines, toilets, corridors, etc.

The fourth day of diving

Let's return to Zenobia to explore the interior of the ship in small groups, go to the engine rooms, the deck of the truck and other places that are not included in the standard inspection and are only available subject to special safety regulations. Please note that this option will only be available to experienced divers. But this does not mean that the others will have to get bored at that time, those who will not be able or will not go inside the ship will be able to dive in one of the many other dive sites in Cyprus that day or go again to Zanobia, because she is so big and interesting !

The fifth day of diving

On this day we will go to two locations in the Protaras region where we will dive from the coast of Cape Greco National Park. "Tunnels and caves" (up to 13m) is definitely the most exciting natural diving site in Cyprus, where you can swim several underwater tunnels and close the lane by swimming through a long cave where the exit point will be like a cherry on the cake (but we will keep it as a pleasant surprise).

The second location will be "Blue hole" also a light but beautiful lobe with a maximum depth of 20m, ancient amphorae, valleys and canyons, floating through the tunnel we will reach the entrance of "Blue hole", which is 10m deep and let down.

In both lanes we will not only be able to get to know the majestic rock walls and tunnels, but we will also meet many sea dwellers who love to stay on the coastal cliffs.
* Routes may change due to weather conditions, but mostly the weather in May is calm and there should be no storms, but if that happens, no one can predict it, then we will improvise according to the conditions, because as on the island, if there is a storm on one shore, the second can be a quiet time.

How will we live and what will we eat in Cyprus?

We will live in an apartment for 2 people in a room, have breakfast and dinner together or individually, after
everyone's wishes. Cypriot pubs with their fish maze (seafood dinner consisting of several cold
and warm dishes) are by far the best in the Mediterranean region with a large selection, good prices and
huge portions. Meat lovers will not be disappointed either, because the traditional lamb dishes, moussaka and other delicacies
makes you fall in love with Cypriot cuisine. Those who prefer home-cooked food will have the opportunity to shop in one
from supermarkets and cook whatever you want.

What will we do to be able to see in the evenings?

For those of you who will not get tired of a day of diving, the Paralimni area offers a wide range of entertainment options from
from several kilometers of promenade along the sea and ending with beautiful Byzantine churches. Cyprus was
the second country in the world that adopted Christianity, and thus history lovers will have the opportunity to look
several ancient and romantic churches. Art lovers will not be left indifferent to the sculpture of Aiya Napa
park, which houses free works by hundreds of contemporary authors from around the world, and which is also
one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Cyprus. In turn, those who will feel especially sporty will
opportunity to walk in Cape Greco Natural Park. And of course the beaches! Paralimni popularity among tourists
provides her wide and beautiful beaches, and in May we will be able to enjoy them even without a big tourist
bustling but ideal time for a lazy day at the beach.

And where there are popular beaches as well as a variety of entertainment options, Paralimni can find restaurants and bars to suit all tastes, and as you drive 15 minutes to Aiya Napa, the possibilities expand even further than it is one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts. If the border crossing rules allow in May (currently the border is closed to tourists due to the covid situation, but we hope it will open by May) we will be able to cross to a country that does not officially exist - Turkey
The Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Just half an hour’s drive from Paralimni is the town of Famagusta, famous for its fully preserved old town (which is where Shakespeare’s Otello took place), where you can stroll through ancient meadows and streets, feast on the east and feel like you’re in another world. The world of Famagusta, once the largest resort town in the Mediterranean, was evoked by a different world, but was evacuated during the 1974 Civil War, leaving everything as it was, from cars in shop windows to magazines on tables. closed and you were guarded by the Turkish army, only in 2020 she was opened to the public.

How much will it cost?

Costs for diving, international diving insurance, apartments and transport: 800 Eur. The prepayment for the reservation of seats for the trip in 2022 is 150 Euro.

  • Opportunity to pass PADI diving courses with 15-30% discount.
  • Additional costs: Plane ticket, meals and personal expenses
  • Contacts: Valters Preimanis, Phone / WhatsApp 22077202
  • The description was prepared by "Mārupe Water Sports Association" with the diving club "Diving"
  • Description of the Zenobia diving event on Facebook

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