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PADI Adaptive Support Diver

PADI Adaptive Support Diver

If you have an acquaintance or friend in a wheelchair, have a movement disorder, recover from a stroke, or have extremely blurred vision, this is no obstacle to learning to scuba dive, experience weightless flight in the underwater world, and even become a certified diver. Divers Club "Daivings.lv" is the first organization in the Baltic States that offers people with various physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to learn diving, which not only opens up opportunities for sports activities, but also works as an effective means of rehabilitation.

Starting from 2022, those interested can apply for training in PADI Adaptive Support Diver courses, these diving courses take place in Riga or we travel all over Latvia if there are 3 or more people in the group. The diver instructor has 17 years of diving experience, PADI MSDT, PADI Adaptive Techniques and EFR Instructor Valters Preimanis. Apply for adaptive support diving courses by phone Tel. 220-77-202 or by filling in the form https://daivings.lv/kontakti/.

Raise your awareness of the diverse abilities of divers and explore adaptive techniques to use when diving on your own or with a friend with a disability.

Want to know how best to support a diving friend who has a physical or mental problem? The PADI Adaptive Support Diver course will improve your understanding of the various options available to divers and offer a variety of adaptive techniques that can be used when diving on their own or with a friend with a disability.

Any diver who has completed a PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Freediver basic diving course and is at least 15 years old and has completed an EFR primary and secondary care course within 24 months is eligible to attend the PADI Adaptive Support Service. diving course. In order for the courses to be successful, it is recommended that you complete the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course in advance so that you know better how to use neutral buoyancy to the highest quality of your skills.

PADI Adaptive Support Diver
PADI Adaptive Support Diver

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Where to apply for diving in Latvia?

🤿😀 For advice or assistance, call a PADI Diver Instructor t. 220-77-202 (WhatsApp 220-77-202) for advice and scuba diving.

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  • PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
  • PADI MSDT - Master Scuba Diver Trainer at PADI
  • EFR - Emergency First Response
  • PADI OWD - PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy