How long is one diving lesson?

Valters Preimanis, instructor of the diving club "Diving", answers the question - How long is one diving lesson?

The duration of one lesson in the diving course "Open Water Diver" is 120-150 minutes. (2-2.5 hours). In total, the diving course "Open Water Diver" has more than 26 skills that a person acquires together with a diving instructor ".

The recommended depth of the pool is at least 2.2 meters so that a person can equalize the pressure in the ears.

Part of a diving program that takes at least 2 hours

During the first diving lesson, we teach divers:

  • Put on and adjust the mask, fins, snorkel, BC, and scales with
    help - using proper weight loss techniques.
  • Participate in a pre-dive safety check.
  • Inflate / deflate the BC using the buttons on the low pressure inflatable device.
  • In water: Breathe compressed air, breathe naturally, without holding your breath.
  • Clean the regulator with both exhalation and the cleansing button, then resume breathing.
  • Recover the regulator with the O mark behind the shoulder.
  • Clean the partially flooded diving mask.
  • Breathe from an alternative air source supplied by another regulator for at least 30 seconds.
  • In the underwater part, it is necessary to descend at a controlled speed in the water.
  • Apply pressure to the ears and mask.
  • Swim with the equipment, maintaining control in all directions, at the same depth.
  • Locate and read the air pressure gauge and signal if the air supply is sufficient or low based on the warning zone of the meter and / or the supply limit assigned.
  • It is necessary to recognize and display hand signals.
  • Take off with the right technique.
  • Be within reach of a friend.
  • On top of the water: While you are positively floating, breathe from the tube or regulator swimming face down.
  • After taking off, hold the mask on your face and continue to breathe from the regulator while using the BC low inflation button to achieve a positive buoyancy.
  • Inflate the BC with your mouth until it is positively floating.

Listed here is the first lesson, any student in the Open Water Diver course, who has taken several lessons in closed water and at least 4 lessons in open water.

Where to apply for diving in Latvia?

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