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Start diving remotely, Open Water Diver theory course to a depth of 18 meters

Learn the theory of scuba diving remotely Open Water Diver course up to 18 meters and obtain an internationally recognized diver's certificate PADI Open Water Diver.

Diving course training schedule for an individual, from the beginning you take the diving theory of underwater physics and physiology. You can learn the theory at your place of residence and pass the exam remotely, communicating online with the program Zoom/ Microsoft Teams, under the guidance of a certified diving instructor, instructor or instructor.

After passing the diving theory, there are five 2h lessons in the water with a certified instructor. Classes take place on weekdays, working day evenings or weekends in coordination with the instructor. All diving equipment is provided. After the training you participate in the diving events organized by the club "Daivings.lv", which takes place 2-3 times a month during the season, you learn the skills to ride with submarine scooters, you learn to dive with full face mask or continue Advanced Open Water Diver course up to 30 meters.

Open Water Diver In the course you gain knowledge to dive to a depth of 18 meters, as well as all the technical things to assemble equipment and other necessary.

To apply for the course, please send your data (Name and personal identification code) / details to the invoice, we will extract it immediately upon receipt. If you have questions write to email or WhatsApp 22077202.

It is possible to master the theory of scuba diving Open Water Diver OWD in full and pass the exam remotely. The theory of Open Water Diver at the computer home diving course. Log in to WhatsApp 22077202

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