Scuba diving makes divers feel good

Diving club card

Diver Club Card Description The Diver Club Card subscription gives a certified diver the opportunity to participate in events, dive together with the scuba diving club "" all year round. Diving trips around Latvia and the Baltics are now more convenient, buy a "Diving Club Card" and dive with others […]

Scuba diving makes divers feel good

Diving - age and health benefits

William Lambert, the world's oldest diver, celebrated his 100th birthday by diving and commented, "While I wasn't dying, I was just alive, now I'm alive!" Diving is one of the few sports without age restrictions, diving club training […]

Scuba diving in Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea

Sports training diving and recreation camp on the island of Cyprus A charming Mediterranean dive site. Diving trip to Cyprus with a Latvian diving instructor. Trip together with PADI MSDT diving instructor Valters and Latvian scuba diving club "". 10 dives, 5 days diving, excursions […]

PADI Women's Diving Day with Diving

PADI women's diving day

This year, we are inviting women divers to join the global celebrations and dive on July 17, 2021 to help create a balance between people and the ocean. Together with the diving club "DIVING" and PADI diving coach, instructor Valters Preimanis and diving club assistants, Diving Masters (PADI […]

The upper part of Staburaga in 2021

What is diving like in Staburaga in the Daugava River?

Scuba diving in Staburags researchers are interested Diving instructor Valters Preimanis says that both firefighters and underwater archaeologists and sports divers have dived in Staburags. The archive of the diving club contains a video where a group of divers from SFRS inspects Staburags. Staburags was once 19.5 meters high and […]

Winter ice diving with diving club DIVING

Winter diving in Latvia

Winter diving in Latvia Traditionally, the scuba diving season in Latvian waters lasts from May to September and lasts for 5 months, information is presented by the scuba diving club "Diving", diver instructor - coach Valters Preimanis. Scuba diving athletes - enthusiasts often with […]

Ice diving in Latvia

Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular in Latvia and more and more people, including women, have dived under the ice, says diving coach Valters Preimanis, who trains divers in the Riga district, about the ice diving specialty course PADI ICE Diver: “Ice diving is one of the […]

Winter swim in the pool with an instructor

The practice and motivation technique for a cold winter swim in the algae together with the instructor is an event that takes place together with the instructor of the scuba diving club "Diving", coach Valters Preimanis. Follow the scuba diving club Facebook to find out about the next event or apply for a coach […]