Scuba diving in Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea

Sports training diving and recreation camp on the island of Cyprus

Sports training diving and recreation camp on the island of Cyprus.
  1. Charming Mediterranean dive. Diving trip to Cyprus with a Latvian diving instructor.
  2. Trip together with PADI MSDT diving instructor Valters and Latvian scuba diving club "".
  3. 10 dives, 5 days of diving, excursions and lunch at local restaurants.
  4. Seats are limited.
  5. Possibility to pass AOWD 30 meters, DEEP 40 meters, NITROX and other diving certificates.
  • Apply: PADI MSDT diver coach Valters Preimanis, 22077202 WhatsApp


Scuba diving in Cyprus is available for both beginners and professionals. Although you have never dived, here you can do your first scuba diving. For professionals, scuba diving is primarily interesting with "wrecks" - sunken ships. The number one ship here is Zenobia.

Cyprus is the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean and is located in the south of Turkey. The largest ridges are the Pentadactyl Mountains in the north and the Trodos Mountains in the central and southwestern part of the island, and between these two ridges stretches the fertile plain of Mesaoria.

The most prominent places in Cyprus are associated with ancient gods, biblical stories and the dramatic history of the island. The second name in Cyprus is "Aphrodite's Island", where the goddess of love and beauty was born from the foam of the sea and gave in to the consolation of love. Many of the most prominent places on the island are associated with her name and ancient Greek mythology. Christianity left a huge impact on Cyprus, with many Orthodox churches and monasteries on the island.

The most notable of these is the monastery of Kikkos, which owns one of the three inscriptions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, written by St. Luke and which has survived to the present day. The beaches of Cyprus are considered to be one of the cleanest in the world "Blue Flag" for cleanliness, equipment and service.