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Winter diving in Latvia

Winter ice diving with diving club DIVING

Winter diving sport in Latvia

Traditionally, the scuba diving season in Latvian waters lasts from May to September and lasts for 5 months, the information is presented by the scuba diving club "Diving", Diving instructor - coach Valters Preimanis. Scuba diving enthusiasts often close the active diving season with October, because they believe that scuba diving temperatures do not allow it. In the following article, Diving in autumn and winter, you can read how to dive in cold weather below 10 degrees, and what is needed to dive all year round.

Winter diving allows you to dive under the ice

Not every winter in Latvia there is an independent layer of ice, and therefore divers are enthusiastic about using ice diving opportunities. Winter diving also has great benefits, as plant particles that are in the water sink to the base of the water body. In Latvian lakes, from a visibility distance of 2 meters in summer, we get 3-5 times better visibility, or water clarity, in winter.

A good winter season is spent under the ice

Beautifully completed also in 2020/2021. winter season, made a lot of diving under the ice this winter. Closing video of ice diving about diving in a dolomite reservoir, in Jurmala, near Riga. "A big thank you to everyone at the diving club"Diving”For divers who participated in ice diving, and especially for the assistants of diving instructor Valters Preimanis Divemaster Gints Metāls, Divemaster Jānis Grote and Divemaster Līva for holding a rope! 👌🏼

Winter diving brings together many club divers

 Winter ice diving with diving club DIVING
Winter diving under ice, together with the diving club DIVING.
 Winter ice diving with diving club DIVING

Winter ice diving with diving club DIVING

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