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PADI women's diving day

PADI Women's Diving Day with Diving

This year, we invite women, scuba divers to join the global celebrations and dive July 17, 2021to help create a balance between people and the ocean. Together with the diving club "DIVING" and PADI diving coach, instructor Valteru Preimani and diving club assistants, Diving Masters (PADI Divemaster).

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For PADI women's diving day

Since 2015, 4,000 women's diving days have taken place in 183 countries, bringing divers together for beach and underwater clean-up, setting a world record for the longest chain of underwater women - and, of course, breathing underwater for the first time.
Over the years, PADI Women's Diving Day has grown into a global celebration that brings together everyone - not just women. The day promotes a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages, races, origins and abilities to safely and safely explore and protect the underwater world.

PADI Women's Diving Day with Diving
PADI Women's Diving Day with Diving

Join the diving club DIVING and continue diving

After completing the introdive, it is possible to continue the diver's training and obtain an international diver's certificate Open Diver, PADI Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Diver. After obtaining a diver's certificate, by participating in trips organized by "Daivings.lv" instructors, you will be able to visit the most beautiful diving places in the Baltic States - underwater park Sloka in Latvia, like-minded diving athletes, underwater prison Rumma in Estonia, the world and explore the most beautiful underwater places on our planet.