An underwater drone helps the divers of the diving club "Daivings" in Lielai taluk in Daugava

Today, 27.04, eight divers of the diving club "Daivings" went to Zaķusalu to participate in the Great Cleanup and help clean the banks and bed of the Daugava. They were also helped by an innovative tool - an underwater drone, which allowed them to perform cleaning work more efficiently and safely.

Before the dive, the divers prepared thoroughly by checking their equipment and receiving detailed instructions from the organizers of the Great Cleanup. After that, they crawled into the cool waters of the Daugava and started work. An underwater drone was launched from the boat and allowed the divers to clear a wider area than they could on their own. The drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera and a manipulator, which allowed it to accurately grab and lift various garbage from the water, including metal structures, bottles and plastic bags.

Thanks to the cooperation of divers and an underwater drone, significant amounts of waste were removed from the Daugava. This campaign not only helped clean up the river banks and bed, but also served as a reminder of the problem of water pollution and called on the public to be more responsible for the environment.

The participation of diving club "Daivings" in the Great Cleanup is an excellent example of how specialists from different fields can join together to take care of our environment. The use of an underwater drone in this campaign demonstrates the potential of technology to help preserve clean water bodies and protect nature.

We invite all divers and nature lovers to join us in the Great Cleanup events and take care of the cleanliness of Latvian water bodies!

This year, cleaners cleaned not only the area around water bodies, but also their bed.

The advantages of using an underwater drone in Great Cleanup events:

  • Wider cleaning area: An underwater drone is capable of cleaning a larger area than divers alone.
  • More efficient waste collection: The help of the drone's manipulator and high-resolution camera allows you to accurately grab and lift various wastes from the water.
  • Safer diving: Divers should not risk their health when cleaning dangerous areas where sharp objects or other hazards may be present.
  • A greener approach: Using an underwater drone reduces divers' impact on the environment, as there is no need to use as much fuel for boats and other machinery.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services offered by the diving club "Daivings" and join us in exciting diving adventures!

Together we can make Latvian water bodies cleaner and more beautiful!