Ghost nets in the Daugava, a team of divers clears Latvian waters

Daugava with its rich history and importance for Latvia holds a special place in the hearts of its people. However, like many bodies of water around the world, the Daugava River faces environmental challenges, including pollution and waste. Fortunately, the diving club "Daivings" in Latvia is becoming more active in order to create a positive impact. In this article, we will explore the remarkable efforts of diving clubs involved in cleaning up the Daugava.

Importance of diving clubs in cleaning and housekeeping

Diving clubs play a crucial role in maintaining the health and beauty of Latvian water bodies, including the Daugava. Cleanups organized by these clubs help not only to save the environment, but also promote awareness of the importance of responsible waste removal and conservation.

One of the main activities carried out by diving clubs is underwater cleaning. Divers equipped with appropriate equipment, including gloves, nets and garbage bags, descend into the depths of the Daugava to collect debris and garbage. This waste can include anything from plastic bottles and fishing gear to larger items such as bicycles and even cars.

These underwater cleaning efforts are not without problems. Diving in rivers can be more difficult than in open water due to reduced visibility and stronger currents. Diving clubs in Latvia are well aware of these challenges and ensure that their members receive appropriate training and experience before participating in cleanups.

Safety is the primary focus of these dive clubs, and strict protocols are followed to ensure the well-being of members. Divers work in teams and clear communication is always maintained. In addition, backup divers are often placed on the surface to provide assistance if needed.

The impact of these cleaning actions is significant. By removing debris and waste from the Daugava, diving clubs help improve water quality and protect aquatic ecosystems. Plastic pollution in particular is a serious threat to marine life, and every piece of waste removed from the river contributes to a cleaner and safer environment.

Additionally, these cleanups serve as a powerful educational tool. Diving clubs often collaborate with schools, environmental organizations and local authorities to promote awareness of the importance of preserving the Daugava and other water bodies. They organize workshops, presentations and outreach programs to engage the public and inspire future generations to become stewards of the environment.

Diving club in Latvia "Divings"

Diving clubs in Latvia, such as Diving Club "Divings", significantly change the preservation and protection of the Daugava River. Through their dedicated efforts in underwater cleanup activities, they help remove litter and debris, improve water quality, and protect aquatic ecosystems. These clubs also serve as valuable educational resources, inspiring individuals and communities to take action to protect their natural heritage.

Cleaning initiatives organized by diving club "" show the positive impact that local environmental efforts can have. By promoting a sense of responsibility and community involvement, these clubs contribute not only to the well-being of Daugava, but also to the broader goal of preserving the global environment. Faced with environmental challenges, diving clubs in Latvia prove that collective action can create tangible and lasting changes.

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Contacts with the Daugava river cleaning team

Initiator Valters Preimanis, tel. 220-77-202
Underwater diving club "Divings" invites you to join the divers in cleaning
Tomorrow 04.09.2023 pl 10.00 we will dive in the Daugava near the Salu bridge, we collect bottles and other discarded debris, the depth is 3-12/18m, for diving you can get credit for diving AOWD courses. We provide diving equipment upon prior request!
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