Underwater search with a metal detector

It all started with the idea that we should learn to dive, and after some time we are lifting scooters out of the Daugava and doing other important things for people underwater! 😀🤿

SIA "Dronelab", divers perform professional underwater technical works searching using metal detectors. We search underwater lost property, conduct surveys, collect material evidence, archaeological monuments.

Underwater metal detector finding underwater search
Underwater metal detector helps underwater search

Our divers have many years of experience in searching with metal detectors in underwater searches in water. We cooperate with state institutions, historical societies, we carry out custom searches for the needs of institutions and private individuals.

Apply for underwater search and extraction works by calling 220-77-202.

Underwater search with a metal detector

Divers carry out search and recovery works in the Daugava and recovers 4 scooters worth 6200 Euros

Underwater technical search works take place all over Latvia – Our clients are the ports of Latvia: Port of Liepāja, Port of Ventspils, Port of Riga, Port of Salacgrivas, Port of Skulte, Port of Rojas. Latvian companies for which we have carried out underwater works: Riga HPP, Latvian Hydrographic Service, Latvian Maritime Administration, Latvian Finieris, Latvian National Library and many others.

The most important factors for successful detection of a metal object

Underwater technical searching under water with a metal detector is definitely more difficult than on land. Choosing the right metal detector for underwater searches determines the effectiveness of the search. Effective search and security are affected by, among others:

  • level of water pollution
  • lower pollution level
  • soil type, mineralization
  • water temperature, which affects the operation of the device and the cooling of the diver
  • generation of currents
  • generation of waves
  • water salt solution level
Underwater search with a metal detector
4 scooters were rescued from Daugava

Effects of the underwater environment on the diver and the underwater metal detector

  • speed of sound underwater (affects interference from bystanders swimming, ashore, or motorboating; bubbles from a diving regulator affect audibility of underwater detector beeps)
  • water depth, which is the maximum waterproof range of the device provided by the manufacturer
  • limited search time with a metal detector underwater due to the amount of breathing gas
  • limited search time with a metal detector because the body is saturated with nitrogen or inert gases that force decompression
  • which has excellent buoyancy
  • having additional accessories such as: sieves, nets, containers, grids
  • determination of underwater exploration sectors and application of appropriate search models
  • lowering the safety level of the dive as a result of rising bottom sediments causing reduced visibility and interference with the dive partner's detector in your detector operation. This requires keeping an appropriate distance, which can result in the dive team collapsing, losing and assisting in an emergency.
Mārtiņš Angers
A diver rescues people's lost things from the water

Training course in working with a metal detector

It is also possible to learn the training of a metal detector and its basics, learn how to search properly with a professional underwater metal detector, ask your search and diving instructor about this course, how to search underwater with a metal detector! More on this page…

What is the best water metal detector?

The choice of the best metal detector affects the efficiency of the search and the return on investment of the purchase of the device. There are many equipment manufacturers available in the market. Some of the most popular underwater detectors and pinpointers are, for example: Minelab Excalibur II, Nokta Pulse Dive, Quest Scuba Tector, Fisher SAR-1, Garret AT, Deus II, Garrett ATX, Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II, Makro Multi Kruzer, Fisher Pulse 8X. Based on many years of experience, I found the appropriate equipment for specific diving conditions and the characteristics of the object I was looking for.

What useful features should an underwater metal detector have?

  • metal discrimination can be set
  • vibration alert
  • light signaling
  • the ability to change the frequency of operation so as not to interfere with the search for a diving partner

How to apply for diving training in Latvia?

🤿😀 If you are looking for advice on diving or advice on the sport of diving with or without balloons, you choose to choose a reputable and experienced instructor, call a PADI diving instructor (PADI diving instructor) t. 220-77-202 (WhatsApp 220-77-202).

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