Underwater technical works, diving survey of the hydroelectric power plant building in Daugava

Underwater technical works in Latvia, divers perform diving in the survey works of the hydroelectric power plant building. The picture shows how the divers of SIA "Dronelab" are surveying hydroelectric power plants, the condition of the pump building up to a depth of 15 meters in the Daugava river. Visible distance underwater is 0.1-0.5 meters, water temperature 5C. Filming with a high-resolution camera, two LED lights help to get the necessary data.

Work manager – "Dronelab" SIA, phone number tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail@dronelab.lv

Completed works – survey of the underwater part of the HES, hydroelectric power plant building.

The most important points in performing underwater technical work

Develop a comprehensive safety protocol: Before any underwater technical diving operation at a hydroelectric power plant, commercial divers must develop a safety protocol that takes into account the unique risks and challenges associated with the environment.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment: Before diving, commercial divers should assess the site for potential hazards such as strong currents, poor visibility and debris.

Ensuring Proper Training and Certification: Commercial divers must undergo extensive training and certification in commercial diving techniques and safety protocols, including the use of specialized equipment.

Use of specialized equipment: Commercial divers must use specialized equipment, such as helmets with built-in communication systems, to ensure clear communication with their crew above the water.

After Decompression Procedures: Commercial divers must follow strict decompression procedures to prevent decompression sickness, which can be a serious and potentially life-threatening condition.

Water Quality Monitoring: Commercial divers must monitor the water quality at the hydroelectric plant to ensure it is safe for diving.

Stay alert to potential hazards: Commercial divers should be alert to potential hazards, such as unexpected changes in water pressure, and be prepared to react quickly.

Teamwork: Commercial divers must work in teams to ensure there is always someone to lend a helping hand when needed.

Proper use of lighting: Commercial divers must use adequate lighting to ensure they can see clearly underwater and avoid potential hazards.

Follow Emergency Procedures: Commercial divers must know emergency procedures and be prepared to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Work manager – "Dronelab" SIA, phone number tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail@dronelab.lv