Scuba diving expedition to Saratov

Scuba diving expedition to Saratov.

Before World War 1, traffic between Liepāja and Halla (in Great Britain) was maintained. During the war, "Saratow" was confiscated by the German occupation authorities and used as an ammunition warehouse, in 1918 it was again handed over to the owner, "Russian North-West Steamship Company".

On January 8, 1919, the ship was confiscated (Order of the Minister of Defense N°707) by order of the Provisional Government of Latvia and placed under the protection of British warships during the Liepāja raid. Later used to deliver military cargo to the army.

1920—1921 made voyages to the Baltic Sea and British ports in the years. Carried passengers, food, wood and coal cargo.

On December 12, 1920, ran aground near Helsinki, repaired in Liepāja. After the Latvian-CPFSR peace treaty was concluded, the ship was returned to Soviet Russia.

On January 2, 1923, the ship was handed over to the crew from the KPFSR in Riga, but on January 14, 1923, "Saratow" ran aground in front of the Akmeņraga lighthouse.

Saratov / Saratow / Leopold II shipwreck