We offer work practice in a diving center

For future PADI Divemaster, professional scuba divers, we offer work experience in a diving center in Riga (GO-PRO - from beginner to PADI Divemaster). After the internship, it is possible to work in more than 5,000 PADI diving centers around the world. Change your life forever and become […]

Scuba diving expedition to Saratov

Scuba diving expedition to Saratov. Before World War I, traffic was maintained between Liepaja and Hall (Great Britain). During the war, Saratow was confiscated by the German occupation authorities and used as an ammunition depot, and in 1918 it was handed over to its owner, the Russian North-West Steam Society. 1919. […]

Why start diving?

How deep was that last lobe? Were sharks visible? Were any treasures found? These and other questions are usually asked by divers when they return from a trip. I can usually answer this: divers usually don't dive too deep, […]