Rescue Diver Certificate

Rescue Diver Certificate

Rescue Diver is one of the most complex diving training courses, as it involves rescuing people on the water, as well as training to solve problems on the water. Rescue Diver During the training you will learn the skills listed below.


The student will gain Rescue Diver scuba diving, diving skills certificate, after the first aid course Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care completion and acquisition of the following skills:

  1. Action in case of problems (Self rescue)
  2. How to recognize and prevent stress in divers
  3. Rescue equipment and how to handle it
  4. Rescuing a panicked diver
  5. Rescue of an unconscious diver

Rescue Diver  An underwater diving training program can be started at the age of 12 when completed Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive course. The equipment to be used during the course is a mask, fins, a scuba balloon, a neutral buoyancy device with a low-pressure inflator, a regulator and a pressure gauge. The diver also needs a neoprene or other material suit that prevents the human body from cooling under water and also a weight belt. Especially for the course you will need a pocket breathing mask, first aid equipment, oxygen supply equipment and others.

Rescue Diver certificate
During the Rescue Diver course you will get information to get started Divemaster certification by PADI Professional Diver Instructor Organizations systems.