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Scuba diving 10 most popular Android applications

The 10 most popular Android applications for scuba diving are probably a collection of Android applications required for divers. With the growing popularity of smartphones, many divers already have or are likely to have Android-based mobile phones. Dozens of authors have created Android mobile phone applications for diving, which can help you get to the desired place, find a local DIVE SHOP, calculate the amount of breathable gas and do much more. Many ANDROID mobile phone applications are free of charge, but there are also programs that require a small fee to download, which usually does not exceed the cost of filling one balloon or 3.00 LVL.

  1. SCUBA Helper (Mobile phone application that calculates the amount of gas required for diving, calculates the time required to spend between dives, as well as reminds of the most popular hand signals)
  2. SCUBA Log (Diver's log box on the phone, saves GPS coordinates, attaches them to the map, windows can be sent to e-mail)
  3. Scuba Exam (Android application that allows you to learn the theory of scuba diving, has received recognition from several press publications) 
  4. Scuba Diving Planner (Android application, a list of things needed for diving, which allows you to collect equipment for a diving trip or trip) 
  5. Scuba Nitrox Calculator (Diving tables for nitrox divers to calculate the amount, concentration and duration of diving gases required)
  6. Diver Magazine (Mobile version of the popular British diving magazine, covering all world events in diving) 
  7. Underwater Orienteering (Underwater orienteering exercise program that trains memory and helps to navigate underwater) 
  8. Diving Log Book (Diver's notebook application)
  9. Scuba Weight Belt Calculator (Diver's lead weight belt calculation calculator) 
  10. Underwater World wallpapers (Settings are in Japanese, but the application has been downloaded more than 10,000 times)